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jimmiekain 06-16-2008 12:58 PM

Sprint VOIP
I have a sprint Mogul, are any of you aware of a hack to that would allow me to use my wireless router to use my phone via voice over ip?

ManInCamo 06-16-2008 05:01 PM

Re: Sprint VOIP
Skype has a Windows Mobile application

jimnutt 06-16-2008 05:10 PM

Re: Sprint VOIP
I've been pretty happy with Fring. It's got some bugs, but it works with Skype and other VOIP providers.

jimmiekain 06-17-2008 01:15 AM

Re: Sprint VOIP
im not familiar with skyp.... is it free? will it allow me to use my wifi connection to talk on my sprint mogul?

crazyon2wheels 06-17-2008 01:35 AM

Re: Sprint VOIP
Maybe you should Google VOIP. You must use a service provider of some kind skype is one of the most well known.You cannot just make calls from a wifi connection.

gator2k83 06-18-2008 07:44 AM

Re: Sprint VOIP
Although this is Not mogul specific it is a similar thing that you plug into your router and use your internet connection to create a viop cell based mini cell tower works with all sprint cdma phones. So if you will have broadband out @ your farm you can get this. As long as you are in range of your airave box you will not get charged usage minutes, however you are not allowed to use data off of the airave just voice i don't know if that means you won't get text messages or not as it does not say in the brochure or video, it just states that you cant download or use the web on your phone when in airave range. The service can be added to any sprint phone for $15 a month and you get unlimited min while talking off of the airave signal. Any sprint phone can use it up 2 3 phones @ a time but if you don't have the airave on your plan you will get charged cell min based on your plan. If you have a windows mobile phone with wireless the data part of this should not be an issue as we can browse the web off of our wifi on the mogul.

check the site out if you have sprint its similar to T-Mobiles approach but this service will work with any sprint cdma phone as it basically is a mini cell tower that uses your internet to connect to the sprint network to make calls over your cdma bands. T-Mobiles service requires a phone that is compatible.


After reading up on some of the FAQ's I noticed you can use data as normal but it is charged according to your plan and is offered @ the same performance level of current sprint internet no mention of EVDO speeds

Can I use all my normal phone functions like voicemail and text messaging with AIRAVE?

Yes. All the voice functions you enjoy with your Sprint CDMA handset can be used while you are within the AIRAVE coverage area. And while data applications are accessible, they are provided at the same performance level as is currently available through Sprint Vision. In addition, data usage is not part of the unlimited plan.

What is the range of the Sprint AIRAVE?

The coverage radius is up to 5,000 square feet.

Does a wireless call I make within AIRAVE coverage continue once I leave the coverage area?

Yes. Calls originating inside the AIRAVE coverage area transfer to the Sprint Nationwide Network once you leave the AIRAVE coverage area.
Note: you will be billed at your regular wireless plan rate for the portion of the call that has been transferred to the Sprint Nationwide Network.

Does a wireless call that starts outside of my home transfer to the Sprint AIRAVE coverage area when I arrive home?

Calls made outside the AIRAVE coverage area are not transferred to the AIRAVE device even though you may be within the coverage area. If you wish to take advantage of the unlimited calling feature of AIRAVE, you must end the call that was placed outside of the coverage area and initiate a new call on the AIRAVE device.

Can I restrict who has access to my Sprint AIRAVE?

Yes, you can limit who has access to your AIRAVE device by creating a list of approved Sprint phone numbers (up to 50 phone numbers). You can create your list by calling Customer Care at (888) 211-4727.

Can other Sprint customers use my Sprint AIRAVE?

All Sprint customers with a Sprint CDMA handset can use the AIRAVE device. However, the customer must have the unlimited calling plan on their account in order to take advantage of the unlimited calling plan.

This is a post I posted over @ XDA and it seems this is the best solution for us Sprint Customers as it should be rolled out Nation wide by Q4 In time for the Touch Pro... Late Q4 08 early Q09 they should release a firmware update allowing the use of your data plan over the Airave @ EVDO speeds and not just 1x rtt as it currently is.

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