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Old 09-02-2010, 04:52 PM
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use verizon phone in canada? also codes dont work. also esn trouble

Okay. So I bought a verizon branded titan, and I currently live in canada. so I went on the long journey of trying to somehow convert it (ie flashing a telus or bell rom to it, mostly telus as I could not find a bell rom). along the way I realized that entering code into the phone did not work. #778# and similar simply dialed. so im like whatever; I use the olipro thing and flash it, then I used up.ppcgeeks.com/Titan/Users/ImCoKeMaN/roms/RUU.rar and installed the stock telus rom. and then, THE WELCOME THING STILL SAYS VERIZON. wtfman. and I still cant put in codes.


also, if I have another phone that I use. can't I just, err, use it's esn for my titan? shouldn't that solve all problems? and how illegal is this, considering I own both phones. if it's perfectly fine and you guys are fine with it then how would I go about doing this (but traversing these forums I realized that you aren't all that supportive of "esn cloning") the reason I ask this is because the esn of the titan doesn't seem to exist. it doesn't come up as stolen or anything, it's just as if I misstyped it when I check it online. also the phone says "initial programming required" and a google tells me that means it's never been activated. note that it says this even AFTER installing another rom...

EDIT: OOH DEEEAAR GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE. IT WON'T TURN ON ANYMORE. **** **** ****. searching the forums for all the bricked threads, NONE OF THEM SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT NOT TURNING ON. THE DISPLAY JUST DOESN'T TURN ON. only when I do a hard reset does it ask me to restore everything. saying yes makes it die again.

;_________________________________________________ _;

EDIT: oh sweet benevolent and merciful god it's not bricked. pressed the camera and power and reset button. got into the olipro boot loader. loading stock rom on it and leaving it alone until someone respons here and helps me.

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Old 09-20-2010, 12:13 AM
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Re: use verizon phone in canada? also codes dont work. also esn trouble

Your talking about ESN cloning. Ive never done it. It is doable, but Ive researched it for a while, and well... it seems too tiresome to attempt. It is illeagal.
The verizon welcome screen is still on there? Im not sure, but maybe the ROM just doesnt always have a new boot screen built in. I've flashed many phones to many roms and the flash screen is always the same unless I used TASK29 to clear the disc completely first.
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