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pro_b 12-04-2007 01:51 PM

How do you make a cab from an oem?
Can anyone please assist me with this. I want to use a plugin created by Verizonguy for the Apache on the Mogul but I'm not really experienced in this area. I've tried searching but results have not turned up anything.

rvashi 12-04-2007 02:00 PM

Yeah...I'd like to know the same thing. I've been struggling with this for a while...even got cab manager and no luck. I know some files need to go into the Windows folder and some files need to be in the Program Files folder and some changes need to be done in the registry for many programs that we install from cabs...and I have no idea whether I would need to tell it what files go in what folder or if a 'cab maker' program would know that on its own.

luv2chill 12-04-2007 03:02 PM

Using WinCE Cab Manager it's not automatic to go from OEM->CAB, but pretty easy if you understand the component files of an OEM. First you should look at the initflashfiles.txt if it exists. It's most often used to copy shortcuts (.lnk files). But if you see other files in there other than shortcuts then you need to make note of them and where they go, as that will dictate where you tell cab manager to put them. All other files not listed in initflashfiles can just go into \Windows (since that's where the OEM puts them anyway).

For the shortcuts listed in initflashfiles just make a note of where they go--most often it's for just a single shortcut going to \windows\start menu\programs, but sometimes there's also one to \windows\startup and often \windows\help as well (that's for the help file .lnk).

If you see any .provxml files that complicates things. There is a place in WinCE Cab Manager for it but it's been hit or miss.

Anyway, now once you go in WinCE Cab Manager, drag all the files from the OEM (you can and should exclude the rgu, dsm, initflashfiles.txt, option.xml, *.lnk and *.provxml if they exist). Then adjust the paths on the files accordingly (by default in a new cab WinCE Cab Manager will put everything in a subfolder of \Program Files--you should override that to \Windows to make things easier, then adjust individual items for other destinations if needed.

Then you need to import the registry entries, if any. Go to file->Import from REG. Change the file type drop down to all files and locate your rgu file. Double-click to import (it should tell you whether it succeeded or failed).

If there's any provxml open it in notepad, select all, copy it to the clipboard and in the "CAB Information" section of WinCE Cab Manager click on the Pre-XML section and paste it in there. Hopefully it will work. Otherwise you'll have to resort to other methods for XML entries. Fortunately, not many OEMs have .provxml so that won't often occur.

Finally, use the shortcut section of WinCE Cab Manager to create any of the shortcuts you found in initflashfiles.txt. There's a wizard interface for that so it's pretty easy.

Then save the file, copy it to your device and try to run it. If it works, you're all set. If not, then you messed something up--look to make sure all the files are going to where they are supposed to, the registry settings are all there, all shortcuts are accounted for, etc.

Anyway, that's the procedure. Hope it helps.

pro_b 12-04-2007 03:15 PM

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Thanks luv for the response. I have attatched the OEM from Verizonguy. Can someone make a .cab file from this please?

Many thanks.

rvashi 12-04-2007 05:34 PM

Thanks luv2chill. I'll give that a shot.

So the directions you gave, I can just follow those for that huge OEM package that's available for the 6700 kitchen...is that right??? Or is there something different involved there?

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