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ecker 11-15-2007 08:35 PM

custom roms tonight
who is releasing a new version of there roms and when? i'm bored with mine right now and i still have the alarm/backlight off issue and want it gone bad...

and question.. what radio version do i want or do the custom roms come with a radio version?

dishe 11-15-2007 09:37 PM

general consensus is radio 1.40 is the best/most stable.
As far as new roms... well, the beauty of it is that you can find one that suits only you.
I'm a firm believer that not every rom is for everyone... personally, excited about a few of them, some of which might be released tonight.

But this is a very odd thread to start. Whatever we say in here, it'll be irrelevant by tomorrow morning... why pollute the forum with this?
You're better off asking in the chat.

Pibe38 11-15-2007 09:41 PM

Plus I feel this thread is kind of rude. I understand the excitement of getting new ROMs, but they will be released then the makes have used their time to develop them and post them.

As dishe said, this would have been a question for the chat room.


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