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thunderbolter 05-27-2011 01:54 PM

I'm Stuck...
I an totally new to the forum NONE of my friends know the answer and so im not too sure on the best way to ask this... but here goes...

Ok so i've been waiting for the video dock thing to come out and i am getting wayyyyyy to impatient!!! :(

i picked up a micro projector last week and REALLY stoked on it but now i want to hook my thunderbolt up... does anyone know a way or a workaround this?


thunderbolter 05-31-2011 05:14 PM

Re: I'm Stuck...
anyone? :(

psycho_maniac 06-01-2011 01:06 AM

Re: I'm Stuck...
what micro projector?

thunderbolter 06-07-2011 02:57 PM

Re: I'm Stuck...

Originally Posted by psycho_maniac (Post 2109345)
what micro projector?

the AAXA M1-X...

AAXA M1 Micro Projector - LCoS Hand-held Mini Projector - LED Pocket Projector

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