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lwleedy 06-13-2011 11:10 AM

Used NE2 for iPhone
On Thursday I went to Verizon store with my New Every 2 credit. Told them I've had a Windows Phone since they came out. What phone should I buy and why? I am primarily a ďBusinessĒ user, Iím on the road 2-3 weeks a month.

I really wanted a phone with a keyboard I miss my TP2. Assurion replaced it with the Imagio, I hate my Imagio, restart it at least once a day and I can't type on that crappy keyboard.

Anyway went through every phone in the place spent an hour with the guy. Didn't like the HTC Trophy or Droid, then played with the iPhone. Told the guy I wanted to play with the phone for a little bit and he left (didnít try to pressure me at all) came back 15 minutes later and asked if I had any questions.

I then found out my NE2 wasn't good till Friday and since I donít like to make big decisions like that quickly, it worked out. Spent the rest of the day at the computer reading about the iPhone and talking with people I know who have it. Unlike the Imagio users I couldnít find an iPhone user who didnít like their phone.

On Friday I bought an iPhone, black 32GB. It took 4 or 5 hours to transfer my 2,700 songs. It transfers the MP3ís without a problem. You have to convert the WMA songs to the Apple format, iTunes does it using Drag and Drop.

I'm getting used to iTunes, don't really like it but it works. VZ transferred all my contacts without a problem. I didnít need him to do that as I have MS Exchange.

The 2 things I use the most on my phone are Exchange for email, calendar contacts etc and Audible.com for listening to books.

Exchange setup was the easiest I've ever done.
1. What is your email address?
2. What is your password?
Next thing I knew it was downloading email and it wanted to know if i wanted to replace the contacts with the ones from exchange. Not trusting the transfer at VZ I said yes. I took about 30 minutes.

Audible.com has an iPhone App that is great!!! 10 times better than the Windows one.

So here are my impressions so far:
1. The screen is GREAT really like it, easy to read, pictures look super
2. Camera is a camera
3. Canít see my schedule on the screen unless I run the calendar program they say that will be fixed in the version OS 5 release due in a couple of months
4. Phone is a phone
5. Keyboard is better than the Imagio keyboard still wish it had the TP2 style
6. SPELLCHECK built in!!!! Works in Text messaging and Email
7. Headphone jack works with my Bose Headphones. Itís not different which surprised me
8. Battery life is better than the Imagio
9. Email is easier to read you get more lines on the preview
10. With my contacts, music and books Iíve used 11 GB so far. Glad I got the 32GB version
11. Wish it had a removable memory card
12. No Tethering without paying for it or Jail breaking the phone my laptop has a VZ card in it and the pricing has dropped. I may get the $20.00 option for the laptop and forget about using tethering. That way I can talk on the phone and send email at the same time.
13. Had to buy all new JUNK, 110 volt charger (wanted 2), USB cables, 3 car phone chargers, Case (got the Otterbox Defender big but protects it.
14. Assurion costs more went ahead and did it Iím hard on my stuff. Damn Gravity, causes all kinds of problems
15. You can only use one computer to ďSyncĒ to. I decided on my laptop since I have it with me all the time. At home I use my desktop but can hook up the laptop if needed. I havenít had to hook up my laptop to the phone other than the first day. Everything was done over the air.

There is a learning curve, everything is different
Read the Manual
Then read iPhone 4 forums like they have here or
iPhone Forum
ModMyi Forums
Check some of the iPhone websites
Ask other users what tricks they use

Ask other users what Apps they have and really use. Iíve found a lot of people have a LOT of apps but donít use them. Here is what I have:
Amazon Price Check This is scary letís say youíre at Best Buy and see something you like. All you have to do is scan the barcode click a button and you bought it from Amazon.
Redlaser (scanís barcodes and gets prices)
World Card Business Card Scanner with OCR
Delta Airlines
Flight Tracker
Weather Channel
Radar Scope shows weather radar anywhere in the country
Quick Office Letís you open, create & edit Word, Excel & PowerPoint files

Guys, itís been fun, been here since the original Samsung I700, I730, I760, TP2 and the hated Imagio.

Thanks for all the fish


wesscoggin 06-20-2011 12:17 PM

Re: Used NE2 for iPhone
cool story.

lwleedy 07-08-2011 10:02 AM

Used NE2 for iPhone 1 Month Update
Coming up on my first month with the phone. Guys, It's great, I really like it. I don't miss the Imagio at all.

I have not had to "reset" it once, on my imagio I had to remove the battery 3 or 4 times a week because it locked up.

I do miss my Touch Pro 2 Keyboard and I don't like having to use iTunes to sync it. There is not an easy way to save a file attached to an email you can do it but it's not as easy.

If you're on the fence make the jump. The iPhone is a lot better.


mlin 07-08-2011 11:30 AM

Re: Used NE2 for iPhone
Glad you like it. There is a smart phone for everyone. My favorite thing about iPhone is how it revolutionized the smart phone arena.

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