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maxtcee 03-26-2010 08:27 AM

Hd2 Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks*
Turn In-Call Volume Up

Regisrty: HKCU\Control Panel\SoundCategories\InCall
Key: InitVol
Default: 2
New Value: 10

Enables you to change MMS Options

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\UI]

Lower Amout of Memory in Use
This will drop Memory usage to below 50% so it will have more RAM to call on if it needs it, some apps might take longer to load because that RAM is not preloaded, I am not really sure, I always run it this way, but results may vary ********


Unlock Quick Keys
You can change this in the registry by going to:


Where # = 0-3 and open the IsReadOnly key and change it from 1 to 0 for each of them. That will unlock those buttons on the launcher.

Disable SMS Sent Notification 1

This is what the CAB is doing for reference:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings SMSNoSentMsg = 0
HKCU\ControlPanel\Notifications\Default Options = 0
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings DisableSMSDeliveryReceipt = 0

Disable SMS Sent Notification 2
Found this posted up somewhere, and for the life of me I cannot remember where I found it. None of the other methods worked for me so here IS what worked for me.

In the registry go to HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Inbox>Settings you will see a string named SMSNoSentMsg. Change the value to 2 and soft reset and enjoy.

maxtcee 03-26-2010 08:28 AM

Re: Hd2 reg edit tweaks
TF3D Screen Rotation Solved - All Screens!
OK, I was having issues with the screen rotation, even after installing ChangeScreen, only certain screens would rotate (like windows-deep messaging, opera). But these screens aren't related to TF3D, so I did some searching and here's what I found:

If you follow the actions below with a reg editor (I used Total Commander), and follow the steps, all screens on TF3D will rotate.

1. HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila -> add a new String Value with the name "EnableLandscape" and the value "true" (both without "")

2. HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor\ModuleName -> add a new String Value with the name "TF3D" and the value "\Windows\manila.exe" (both without "")

3. HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor\WhiteList -> add a new String Value: Name: "TF3D Value: "Manila" (both without "")

4. Change HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila DisableRotation value to 0 from 1.

All formatting should now be perfect.

do a softreset and its done

Use the following registry edits to change the 2 Home screen softkeys.
You can modify the Right key that is currently Lock to point to s2u2.exe instead of devicelock.exe.

Left SoftKey
Example: \Winodws\Start Menu\Program\Text.lnk
Example: Text

Right SoftKey
Default is: \Windows\DeviceLock.exe
Default is: Lock

Disable Notifications

Get a registry editor, and find the key HKLM\Services\NOTIFICATIONMANAGER\Flags. It should be 0 by default - change it to 4. This stops the HTC notification manager running and restores the default WM functionality.
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maxtcee 03-27-2010 08:30 AM

Re: Hd2 reg edit tweaks
http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/images/icons/icon1.gif [REF] *Leo Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks* - Updated 4th March.
I started a hints and tips thread a while ago for the Blackstone. Now I have a HD2 I thought I would start a new tips thread here. The purpose of this thread is to collate all tips and have them available within the first few posts as opposed to having to search for tips among the many pages and threads. Please submit any tips you have and I will update the first few posts. Not all new HD2 owners would have owned a Blackstone before so I will include some basic tips from the Blackstone thread. Together we can get the most out of our wonderful phone. BTW, I am no way claiming credit for all the following tweaks. A few I have discovered myself (I love to browse the registry) and the majority have been suggested or found from other sources on the net. I apologise for not thanking or crediting everyone who supplied a cab file on xda, but thank you!

Note for users new to Windows Mobile you will need a registry editor to find and edit files beginning with either HKCU or HKLM and a file editor that can unhide system files. Resco supply both apps and are recommended but are not the only apps out there. All registry entries are in red.

You can find a lot of cab files to install of the below tweaks here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=584415

1. Enable Hidden Default Games
Go to the Windows directory and copy bubblebreaker.exe and solitaire.exe to the games folder as shortcuts in Windows\Start Menu. Make sure to unhide system files on the device to see the games listed.

2. Enable Website Thumbnails When Navigating Back in Opera
Go to HKLM\Software\Opera\Info and change EnableVisualBack from 0 to 1. Press back key and use gestures to go back pages.

3. Increase Resolution of Back Thumbnails
Go to HKLM\Software\Opera\Prefs\User Prefs and change History Thumbnail Size from 128 to 512.

4. Increase Number of Opera Tabs
Go to HKLM\Software\Opera\Prefs\User Prefs and change Maximum Allowed Tabs from 3 to say 9 (or any number)

5. Enable Hidden Owner Info in All Settings\Personal Folder
Go to HKLM\ControlPanel\Owner and change Hide from 1 to 0 and then reset. You can now enter your name you want to register old apps.

6. Enable NaviPanel Without Owning the Car Kit/Navigation Dock
Go to Windows folder and copy NaviPanel.exe as a shortcut to Windows\Start Menu folder.

7. Get the old Task Manager Back
To be able to really close programs using the X instead of just 'minimizing' the program and leaving it in memory,
install Duttys HTC Task Manager (attached below), restart and the X is back. Also in Settings you can configure its function.

8. Add Task Manager to Home Screen Quick Links
Copy the hidden TaskMgr.lnk file from your Windows folder to your Start Menu/Programs folder. Now it's possible to place a shortcut on your Manila today and you can open/close running programs with ease.

9. Change the Language of HTC Sense
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\MUI\CurLang and change the value 409 to 408 (Hex) (for example Greek) or try another value for your language. You can find all Windows Locale Codes here: http://www.science.co.il/Language/Locale-Codes.asp
Please read this thread before changing language: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=583878

10. Using the Back Key in Opera
You can use the actual back key at the bottom of your phone to go back a web page or two in Opera, instead of bringing up the Opera menu and selecting the back arrow.

11. Exiting Volume Screen
For quick exit of the volume screen, tap anywhere in the dark grey background surrounding the vertical slider button.

12. Reduce Errors in Typing
In Input options, disable the number of words to show in T9 for less mistakes when typing and thus faster entry.

13. Install Compact Net Framework 3.5 to Make Old Apps Work Again
Some apps you may have used on another phone will not work on the Leo unless you install Compact Net Framework to your phone. Download the cab from the following link and install to Device only - not Storage Card and then reset. http://justpctech.com/PPC/NETCFv35.wm.armv4i.cab Also make sure your phone is using the 3.5 as default and not 2.0. Go here: HKLM/Software/Microsoft/.NETCompactFramework. Change the DWORD data of entry 2.0.7045.00 from 1 to 0. Next Change the DWORD data of entry 3.5.7283.00 from 0 to 1 and then reset. This disables 2.0 and enables 3.5. Also some apps need the file NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm. Here is the link to download the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?ommgm3gz13z Install the NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm.cab to device after you installed NETCFv35.wm.armv4i.cab and reset.

14. Activate Hidden Photo Modes
You can activate two hidden photo modes by using the following registry tweaks and then reset:

To enable Video Share mode:
Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\P9
set "Enable" to "1"

To enable GPS Photo mode:
Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\P10
set "Enable" to "1"

15. How to Hard Reset your Phone
To hard reset your phone which means to delete ALL personal data and settings and have the phone in factory default conditions as if you turned on the phone for the first time after purchasing, press the following buttons:

1. With the device turned off, press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons, then briefly press the POWER button.
2. Continue pressing the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons until you see this message on the screen:
"This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to the manufacturer default settings. Press VolUp to restore manufacturer defaults, or press other keys to cancel."
3. Release the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
4. Press the VOLUME UP button to perform the hard reset, or press any other button to cancel the reset.

You can also use Clear Storage to reset your device back to factory default settings.
1. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then tap All Settings.
2. On the System tab, tap Clear Storage.
3. Enter 1234 and then tap Yes.

Make sure you back up all your data such as Contacts, Appointments etc or they will be gone forever.

16. Get True 5 Mega pixel Resolution When Using Camera
To get 5MP instead of 4MP resolution when using your camera, you must switch off Widescreen mode in the 'Advanced' Menu.
* Normal screen = 2592 x 1944 pixels = 5,038,848 pixels = 5MP
* Widescreen = 2592 x 1552 pixels = 4,022,784 pixels = 4MP

17. Increase Resolution of Panoramic Photos - NON WORKING
By default, panoramic photos are less than 1 mp. This registry tweak increases resolution to about 7 mp.
Go to: HKLM/Software/HTC/Camera/P3
Adjust MainCamCaptSize to 1024 and MainCamSupportCaptSize to 1744. Soft reset.
Default 1mp is: MainCamCaptSize 64 and MainCamSupportCaptSize 80. Soft reset.

18. Get Better Video Quality When Using Camera
Use MPEG format instead of H.263 for better quality video output. This option can be found by going to the Advanced Setting from the Video Settings menu. Once there, go to Capture Format and change format if necessary.

19. Improve Suggested T9 Dictionary With Custom Words
The Leo has a very useful hidden application in the Windows directory. You need to unhide hidden system and Rom files in order to find it. Find the file "eT9MyWords.exe" in the Windows directory and add a shortcut to this file in your Windows/Start Menu folder.

When in the application, add the most common words you use when using the keypad such as names, locations, user names, email addresses and other words not common in the standard T9 dictionary. For example if you are based in London, UK you could add the following locations:

Leicester, Piccadilly, Tottenham, Soho, Charring, Euston, Trafalgar, Clapham,

and words such as BRB, DVD, coz, lol, xoxo, username@hotmail.com, ciao, etc.

20. Which Gloves Work With Capacitive Screen
Now winter is approaching it may be a hassel to constantly remove your gloves to touch the screen and USE your phone. Buy yourself a pair of thin leather gloves - unlined or silk lined. The thinner the better. You will find that the screen can still register your fingertips even through the thin leather. If you are male and cannot find thin enough men's gloves, try a larger size in women's gloves. Google "Dent's Extra Soft 3000 gloves" for a pair that definately works with Leo screen. I own them and tested them.

21. Amazing Collection of HTC Sense Theme Tweaks
Visit this link and check out all the modifcations to your Sense theme: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=583862

22. Change Your Quicklinks from 9 to 16 Slots
See tip 77 for updated cab file to enable multiple quicklinks and multiple appointments.

23. Enable Haptic Feedback in Opera for Link Clicking
Go to HKLM\Software\Opera\Defaults
Add new DWORD Value as Name: VibrationEnabled and DWORD Data (dec): 1

24. Enable LED Notification Setting in Sound and Notifications
If you want your LED to flash when you have a new message, missed call or voicemail.. well you can't as it is greyed out. However the following registry entries can be modified to enable them or use the cab at end of post. Reset after changes. Notifcation for Email sadly does not work

New Message:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications\{A877 D65B-239C-47a7-9304-0D347F580408}]
=dword: change to 15

Missed Call:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications\{A877 D660-239C-47a7-9304-0D347F580408}]
=dword: change to 15

Voice Mail:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Notifications\{A877 D661-239C-47a7-9304-0D347F580408}]
=dword: change to 15

25. Allow Audio Booster to Stay On.
Notice how after every song Audio Booster turns off again? A very simple solution is to press the Home button and not the "Done" softkey. This keeps Audio Booster running.

maxtcee 03-27-2010 08:31 AM

Re: Hd2 reg edit tweaks
26. Add Your Own Album Art to Music Folders
Make sure the image you wish to use is 256x256 pixels, 96dpi and save it to your PC. Rename the image to the following format: ~hTC_Album Name.vin. Please note that the change refers also to the file extension as it will now become a vin file. Copy this file to the folder of your specific album on your Storage Card. Example: If the album is called Abba Gold, then your vin file will be ~hTC_Abba Gold.vin.

27. Disable Auto Screen Lock
If you use S2U2, you would have hated the double lock annoyance. Now you can turn off default Auto Screen Lock.
Go to HKCU\ControlPanel\Keybd and change DeviceLockWhenSuspend to 0, or use the following cab:
http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...2&d=1258236796 thanks to triperko.

28. Change QuickLink Display Names
If you don't like your Quicklinks display names being truncated and looking like for example "Resco Regi.." and would prefer it look like "Reg Edit" then you can edit the display names here: HKLM/Software/HTC/Manila/Home/x then edit the DispName.
(x = the quicklink position)

29. Tips to Improve Typing Accuracy on Keyboard
Tap each key very lightly and watch the keyboard as you type each letter. Don't watch the suggested words that pop up. Type at a moderate pace. Don't rush. Try the Align Screen option in the Settings/System/Screen menu. Don't press hard. Press as light as physically possible - barely touching the screen and wait at each crosshair until it moves. If you are right handed, for the middle and two right most crosshairs use your right thumb and for the left two most crosshairs use your left thumb. If you were holding the phone with both hands and wanted to touch something on the extreme left of screen you would use your left thumb would you? Also, turn on Spell Correction in Touch Input options and turn off vibration for keys too!
Finally the following cab decreases the sensitivity on the keyboard allowing for less mistakes. Really works. A life saver.
http://rapidshare.com/files/30889673...hScreen_v2.cab (Cab to decrease sensitivity) or go here for cab http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=430
http://rapidshare.com/files/30827317...n_original.cab (Cab to restore default settings of keyboard)

30. Activate Voicemail 30 Seconds After Call Rings
For those who find that an incoming call goes too quickly to voicemail and does not give you enough time to answer it you can increase the delay up to 30 seconds now. Go to Settings, Personal Tab, Phone, Services, Call Forwarding and Get Settings. You can change the delay from 5 to 30 seconds under the forwarding option. If that does not work based on your carrier, try this:
reg edit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\PhoneCallFwd
change "DelaySeconds" value to 30 which should indicate 30 seconds.

31. Move Start Menu Apps to Top of List
Press and hold any app on the start menu and you can then move it to the top of the screen. If you want apps listed alphabetically, work backwards from z to A in regards to the order in which you move apps.

32. Real Exit for HTc Album
By defualt, when you click on the ok/X button in HTC Album, the app minimizes and does not exit. Make the following change to really exit the app and thus save some program memory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\HTCAlbumv"ok_minim ize" = dword:0

33. Enable Auto Data Disconnect for Auto Email Downloads and Other Downloads with a Cab File
When you have auto email downloads enabled, data is not disoconnected after mail retrieval and thus your battery is drained much faster. Modify the following reg edit to have data disconnect after 60 seconds. You can test this by tapping on the notfification bar while downloading emails and watch the data connection close after idle for 60 seconds. Please note. Data connection will NOT auto disconnect if you have any HTC Sense auto download enabled such as Weather, Twitter, Stocks, Facebook or Time Sync. Please set these apps to manual download only. Please note that this setting has the possible effect of disabling simultaneous voice and data on some devices, even if you are on a capable network and signal. See Tip 70 for an app that works with even HTC data downloads.

CacheTime = 60
SuspendResume =
should be blank. Delete "GPRS_bye_if_device_off" text.
VPNCacheTime = 60

34. Disable My Location
For a lot of owners My Location simply does not work therefor you can disable it and stop it from showing in weather panel by using the cab at bottom of this post.

35. Enable Clickable Links in Zoomed Out Opera
This reg edit allows you to tap on a link without the need for zooming in first.
Change value from 64 to 32

36. Get BBC iPlayer Mobile Website Working on HD2
The current Opera 9.7 version on the HD2 is not detected by the BBC iplayer website. Here is a modifcation to Opera preferences you can do to get it to work.
HLKM/Software/Opera/Prefs/User Prefs/Custom User-Agent
Change from HTC_HD2_T8585 Opera/9.7 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en) to HTC_Touch_HD_T8282 Now go to http://bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer. Videos are opened in your Streaming App on your phone.

37. Boost Performance:
Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\FATFS
Change - CacheSize to 4096. Works for some and not for others though.

38. Disable Extra Animation on Clock
Everytime you refresh the home screen, the flip clock starts 1 hour and 2 minutes back to show off the flip animation. You can disable this extra animation so it only flips when it needs to flips. Download the modified manila file at the end of this post. Disable HTC Sense in Today settings. Backup original Windows file (you are going to overwrite) to your SD card. Extract downloaded file to Windows directory on your device (overwriting the original). Enable HTC Sense again in today settings.

39. Speed Up Web Page Loading Considerably
The following registry tweak will enable almost instantaneous web page loading in the web browser. It apparently enables wireless N mode but seems to work with cellular data too. Go to:
11nModeDisable =
Change from 1 to 0

40. Enable Magnifying Box When Selecting Text
Press and hold your finger on any text in a HTC app such as Messaging and an iphone-esque selection procedure with handles to drag and highlight text will appear. Modify the following registry entry to add a magnifying window as you select and highlight the text. Go to:
HKLM/Software/HTC/TextSelection/EnableMagnifier and change from 0 to 1.

41. Enable Graphical Send Icon Button in HTC Messaging
To send a text message you need to hit the left softkey button. The following registry tweak adds a graphic send button above the paperclip button. It also changes the 'send' left soft key to a 'back' soft key.
Change from 1 to 0.

42. Hide Reappearing HTC Icons from Start Menu
If you delete the HTC shortcuts to Peep, People, Messaging etc and reset, they always come back. To hide these shortcuts for good (not the apps just the shortcuts) use the tweak below.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila\IsShortcutEn able
Change to 0 and soft reset. You may need to change their shortcut's properties to hidden by accessing them in Windows/Start Menu/Programs folde.

43. How to Enable More Than 1 Hotmail Account in Email Tab
By default you can only check one hotmail account at a time. Here is how to enable more hotmail accounts.

1. Create a new email account.
2. In the email field write your email but replace the "@hotmail.com" with "@hotmail.con", this way the OS is not going to load Windows live messenger to sync your email.
3. Disable the option "Try to get e-mail settings..."
4. Select the email provider, in this case, Internet e-mail.
5. Complete the name and account display name
6. Incoming server: "pop3.live.com:995". Account type: POP3
7. Complete the form with your username and password. Note: the username is your full email address: "yourusername@hotmail.com" and not "yourusername".
8. Outgoing mail server: "smtp.live.com:25". Check the "outgoing server requires au...". Click on Advanced settings and check the "Require SSL..." for incoming ant outgoing e-mail.
9. Complete the rest of the setup.
10. Now, go to your email account and go to Tools > Options, once there, click on the email account you just created and click on "Edit account setup." NOTE: It might make you wait until it syncs 1 time.
11. Replace the "@hotmail.con" with the right one "@hotmail.com" and hit next 'till the end of the setup, and done.

44. Prevent Accidental Link Activation When Scrolling
Do you scroll and find you accidentally click on something? This tweak is for you.
Change from 0 to 30

45. Excellent Graphical Task Switcher Alternative
As the HD2 does not come with the task switcher/killer in the top right corner anymore you can use the task manager in system settings menu. However install Showcase and and the program icon to your homepage quick links for instant access to running tasks with a lovely graphical UI. Add it to the top row, right most icon. Good spot.

46. Enable More Than 10 URL Thumbnail Shortcuts on Internet Tab

By default you only get 10 shortcuts to your favourite websites on the internet tab. Now you can have as many as you want (multiples of 2) or even less than 10 if you so wish.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTC\Manila\Internet.Cou ntOfPush
Change from 10 to 12 or 14 or 16 or 18 etc etc

47. Add 'Mark All Read' to Email Inbox Menu
Install the "MarkAllReadInbox" cab below to add the feature to the menu of your email inbox. By default only Mark As Read is in the menu, not All read.

48. Add an Extra Row to Menu to Show More Options
By default the maximum amount of rows to show in pop up menus are 9. You can add one more row to show a total of 10 rows now.
Change 9 to 10 and reset.

49. Enable 3G Button in Comm Manager
In Comm Manager, you can substitute the Microsoft direct push for Outlook button for a GSM/3G button by installing the cab below. See also tip 60.

50. Enable All Currency Symbols from Main Keyboard
If you want to input the Euro, Yen or Pound symbol, you have to tap on the '12#' key and then go to page 2. A bit cumbersome. Now you can have access to all of the currency symbols just by pressing and holding the 'f' key and then drag to choose the symbol you want. Install cab below.

51. Speed Up Scrolling of Internet and People Tab, Album Page and All People Page
You can spued up the speed of scrolling when you flick your finger by modifying the following registry tweak.
Change to 20000 or higher. Experiment to what suits you.

52. Enable SMS Delivery Reports on O2 Network
O2 sadly do not support sms delivery reports no matter even if you enable them in sms settings or the registry. An alternative way is to add *0# in the body of the message followed by a space and then begin your message. The recipient does not see the code but you will get a message back saying when it has been delivered.

53. Change 'Reply All' Softkey to 'Reply' in Emails
When you are viewing a single email, the lower left soft key says Reply All. It would be better if it just said Reply. Well now it can. Soft reset after change.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Setting s\ShowReplyAllEmailSK change 1 to 0.

54. Enable Reflow in Adobe Reader LE
Make the text flow even when zoomed in with the following reg tweak.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\AdobeReaderLE.25\ EnableReflow change 0 to 1.

55. Speed Up Landscape Album Scrolling
Following reg tweak speeds up landscape Album viewing:
HKLM/SOFTWARE/HTC/HTCAlbum/rotate change 1 to 0.

56. Incease Picture Quality of Camera Photos
The following tweak will allow the camera to save images at a less compressed jpeg rate, meaning that the image will be sharper and more detailed.
HKLM\software\htc\camera\image\jpegquaity\superfin e
Replace the 5Msize = 643628 value with 746028

57. SMS Messages Speed Loading
If you have a lot of messages in your inbox it takes forever to load, but if you tap one of the messages when they show up (so that a menu pops up) and then tap the close right soft key, all the messages are loaded. Also you can tap the Send icon button and then the No button to do the same thing.

58. Keep Audio Booster Running After Each Song
Another way to keep Audio Booster running while playing music is to use the following reg tweak:
HKLM\Software\HTC\AudioManager_Eng\Config\enter_su spend and change 1 to 0
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maxtcee 03-27-2010 08:31 AM

Re: Hd2 reg edit tweaks
59. Use Zoom in Opera With One Hand
It is very difficult to pinch and zoom with one hand when using Opera so enable the zoom bar to be able to zoom one handed. Create the following entry:
Change ZoomSliderEnabled from 0 to 1

60. Add an Eighth Row to Comm Manager for 3G
In tweak 49, if you install the 3G cab you will get a new 3G on/off button in the Comm Manger but it will overwrite the Microsoft Direct Push button. If you don't use that feature then no problem. However if you want to keep it and have 8 rows instead of 7 rows, perform this lengthy procedure in the registry:
Go to HKLM/Software/HTC/CommManager/4 Copy all 3 values you find in this folder. Next go back one folder to HKLM/Software/HTC/CommManager and create a new Key and name it 7. Open this folder (7) and paste the 3 values you copied from folder 4. Next go back one folder again and find the DWord value SupportedFunctions and change it form 7 to 8. Finally install the 3G cab at the end of tip 58 and reset. You now have all the original 7 entries plus an 8th one to show 3G. Also you can change the order in which the Wireless Controls are listed by renumbering the key folders.

61. Enable Finger Friendly Touch UI in RSS Hub
The rows in the Channel view are quite close together making it a little tricky to select a category. The following reg tweak spaces the channels out more making it more finger friendly.
HKCU/Software/Ilium Software/RSS Hub/EnableTouchableUI and change from 0 to 1.

62. Improve Camera Recording Quality of MPEG4-VGA Videos
The following tweak will increase the video quality from 2100avg bit-rate to 4500avg bit-rate.
Go to [HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\recparam\MP4VGA and replace the BitRate value with 4194304 (default value = 2097152)

63. Unlock Additional Video Recording Formats
Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\P2 and replace the EncodeFormat value with 2147483647
This will unlock all modes/resolutions listed below:
H263(3gp): CIF 352x288 \ M 176x144
MPEG4: L 320x240 \ CIF 352x288 \ VGA 640x480
3GPP2: S 128x96 \ M 176x144 \ L 320x240 \ CIF 352x288 \ VGA 640x480
MOTION JPEG: S 128x96 \ M 176x144 \ L 320x240 \ CIF 352x288 \ VGA 640x480
H264: L 320x240 \ CIF 352x288

64. Disable Unwanted Folders From Showing in HTC Album
Don't you find it annoying that HTC Album Shows lots of images you don't need to see when you select Albums like GPS poi icons? Now you can tell HTC Album to ignore certain folders.
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/HTC/HTCAlbum/Ignored and add a NEW STRING VALUE
Eg if there is iGO8 in the root of the Storage Card you would create a NEW STRING VALUE with Value name iGO8 and Value Data \Storage Card\iGO8
This will include all subfolders inside the iGO8 folder. Save and reset.

65. Move Opera Cache Files to Storage Card
Open Opera and type "opera:config" in the address bar. You'll then be in the config page. Find the section "User Prefs".
In there you should find something called "Cache Directory4". Just change that path to any directory in your storage card
(for example : "\Storage Card\OperaCache"). Scroll to bottom of page and hit Save.

66. Enable Favorites and History in Streaming Media Menu
Enable History in Menu/Connect:
Change key HKLM\Software\HTC\StreamingDShow "ShowHistory" to 1
Enable Favorites in Menu:
Change key HKLM\Software\HTC\StreamingDShow "SupportFavorites to 1

67. Save Some Space in Phone Storage Memory
Use file explorer (Enable "show all system files") and delete the following or move them to storage card if you need them:

a. Folder: My Device\Music
Delete the sample song folders.

b. Folder: My Device\My documents\My Pictures
Delete all or move to storage.

c. Folder: My Device\My documents\My wallpapers
Delete all or move to Storage.

d. Folder: My Device\My documents\My wallpapers

e. Folder: My Device\Program files
Delete the folder "copilot" if you don't use it.

f. Folder: My Device\Windows\Animated Wallpaper
Delete all or move to Storage.

g. Folder: My Device\Windows\
Delete Opera 9.exe (rom version will replace it don't worry)

h. Folder: My Device\Windows\
Delete OperaL.exe (rom version will replace it don't worry)

i. Folder: My Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
Delete which ever shortcut you don't need.

j. Folder: My Device\Windows\Rings
Delete the Ring tones you don't use or move them to storage.

68. Change Owner Name Info Without Modify Registry
To change the owner name you can also do this by going to the People Tab, then All People and then Me (my contact card).

69. Enable Built-In Compass in GPS Apps
This new driver will allow you to use your hardware compass in all software applications that use GPS such as sat nav software and google maps. This can be really helpful when navigating in unfamiliar locations. Click on the following link to read more. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=571266

70. Finally An Auto Data Disconnection That Works - Save Battery Life!
Download the following cab file http://www.commmgrpro.com/CommMgrPro...witch.V2.8.cab
You can set it to disconnect data after 60 seconds or more or less thus saving you battery. Read the thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ght=bandswitch
Tried and tested for over a 2 weeks on my HD2 and works perfectly. Use INSTEAD of Tip 33.

71. Add Currency Rates in Stocks Tab
For "Pound Sterling -> Euro" add the ticker "GBPEUR=X"
For "Pound Sterling -> Dollar" add the ticker "GBPUSD=X"

72. CoPilot Install/Activation/Map Download Guide
A useful guide for people having trouble getting their CoPilot install working properly:

73. Double Tap Space Bar for Period Entry
Just like the iPhone, if you double tap the space bar on the keyboard after a letter, you will enter a period (full stop) AND a space automatically.

74. Add All Contacts to Home Screen Left Softkey
By default the left softkey on the the Sense home tab is coded to Phone which is pointless and a waste because you can get to the same Phone page by pressing the Send hardware key. Change it to the All People page (eliminating 2 taps) by using the following reg entry:
HomeLSKPath = !"\Windows\manila.exe" --switchtopage Manila://people\browserlayer\?.page
HomeLSKText = Contacts

75. Disable Beeps When Altering Volume
When you press the volume key you getting annoying beeps. This tweak allows to change the volume silently without the beeps.
HKCU\ControlPanel\Volume\Mute Change from 3 to 1.

76. Improve Performance and Speed in Opera
Increase Scrolling speed while browsing by using this tweak:

Increase the speed of zooming in on a web page by using this tweak:

Increase the font cache for displaying text quicker by using this tweak:
HKLM\Software\Opera\Info\fontcachesize change from 32 to 64

Make the following reg tweaks to allocate more memory to Opera for complete page loading in multiple tabs. Finally http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
AllocLimit change data to 70254592
HeapLimit change data to73400320
memory_heap_threshold_size change data to 131072
mmap_reserve_size change data to 20971520
sbrk_reserve_size change data to 49283072

77. Get Four Appointments Showing on Home Tab Instead of Just One
Finally what we have all been waiting for: to show more than 1 calendar entry on the home tab. Click on link below to download the cab. Note: Uninstall the cab from Tip.22 as the cab in the thread below has the 16/20/25 quick links combined with the appointment hack.

78. Decrease Text Size in YouTube App to See Longer Video Titles
Doesn't it bug you that some video titles show eg: "The Simpsons Part......" when longer titles get truncated? Now you can have a smaller font to show more words in text.
Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\YouTube\TextScale and change it from 100 to 50. If 50 is too small for you try a higher number, say... 65.

79. Sort HTC YouTube Searches by Most Recent Uploads First
When you search in the HTC Youtube App, results are listed to relavancy. Use the below tweak to return results based on newest upload first.
HKLM\Software\HTC\YouTube\SearchSort\ change to 1.

80. Open PDFs in Adobe Reader So They Automatically Fit to Page
By default, when you open up a pdf in Adobe Reader, they are automatically opened at 75% zoomed in so you have to pinch to zoom out to see it fully. Now you can have it automatically display at 'fit pdf width to screen width' to see the entire first page.
HKCU\Software\Adobe\AdobeReaderLE.25\InitialZoomTy pe change to 1.

81. Change Haptic Feedback in HTC Calculator
Turn off haptic feedback by using this tweak: HKLM/Software/HTC/Calculator/Vibrate change to 0
Change the strength of Haptic Feedback by going here: HKLM/Software/HTC/Calculator/VibrateLevel change to 0 for no feedback or 6 for high level of feedback. You can choose between 0 to 6.

82. Make Common Apps Open Instantly With No Delay
The most often used apps on the HD2 would be SMS and Email. As the HD2 has plenty of memory and it is very hard to fill it up during use, why not add these two apps to the task manager exception list. This means they will never truely exit and will always be open in the background. The benefit of this is that HTC Messaging does not automatically refresh and redraw the contact thumbnails when you load the app. Instant opening of both apps with no load time. You can add any other app to this list too if you never want it to exit.
Just use this tweak. HKCU\Software\HTC\TaskManagerExclusiveList\System and add a new DWORD Value of Messaging_Client.exe and tmail.exe

83. Enable Landscape View for YouTube and Streaming Media Apps
The benefit for enabling landscape view for Youtube is you can see truncated video titles in full length. Just make the following reg tweaks to enable both apps:
HKLM\Software\HTC\YouTube\EnableRotate change to 1
HKLM\Software\HTC\StreamingDShow\EnableRotateScree n change to 1
Then add Youtube and Streaming Media apps to the gsensor whitelist registry using BsBTweaks. You shake your phone and BSB adds the active app to the registry. You must reset to see changes.

84. Increase Start Menu Columns from Default 3 to 4 or 5 Columns
You can see more icons in your Start Menu and therfore have less scrolling by installing the relevant cab file from the
following thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=589380

85. Increase the Number of Allowed Recipients in Group SMS
The max number of defualt contacts to send a group SMS is 10. You can change it to 50 by using this tweak:
Change from 10 to 50

86. Change Google Search Language and Country of Origin in Internet Tab
Some users experience a German version of Google Search when using the search feature direct from the Internet tab. Now you can modify it to your country.
Go to HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\ and create a new String Value.
Name = Internet.SearchUrl
String = google.co.uk/pda/search?hl=en-GB&output=html&q=%s (without "http://www.")
You can put any search engine here. "Pda" is included in the above String to optimize it for your phone. If you want the html search version view then just delete the "pda/" part. Also instead of "en-GB" you can put your own country code such as "en-US", "it", "fr", "de" etc to change the language of the Google Search interface. You can also change the ".co.uk" to your own Google page for your country by using ".it" or ".fr" or ".com" or ".de" etc.

87. Change Text in Google Search Field in Internet Tab
You can edit what it says in the search box on the internet tab (default is "Google Search").
Go to HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\ and create a new String Value.
Name = Internet.SearchTitle
Value = Tap here to search Google (or any other wording you like).

88. Speed Up Music Album Loading on Reboot
After a reboot and you scroll to Music Tab, you have to wait quite a while for all the music files to be loaded. Now you can speed this up by making it load as soon as the phone starts and before reaching the tab. Go to your Windows folder and find the file "AudioManager_Eng.exe" Create a shortcut (.lnk file) of this file and put it in your Windows\StartUp folder.

89. Organise All Your Icons into Category Folders in Start Menu
Using a File Explorer, add new folders to your 'Windows\Start Menu\Programs' folder. Name them like: Web, Travel, Utilities, System, Audio, Video, Imaging, Fun etc. Move the relevant shortcuts from you 'Start Menu\Programs' folder to your category folders. You will need to use a 3rd party file explorer to unhide system files and rom files to see the pre-installed icons to move them to your folders. These icons/shortcuts are '.lnk' files. Remember each time you install or remove an app, you have to either move the new 'lnk' icon to your category folder or delete it.

90. Set a Music File as a Ringtone
Using File Explorer, you can tap and hold on an mp3 file and choose "Set As Ringtone".

91. Faster Keyboard Responsivness when Typing
Change InitialDelay from 375 to 100

Latest Update 4th March: Added entries 83 - 91. Updated link in tweak 69 and tweak 22. Updated intro.

*Updated 7th February: Added entries 81 - 82.
*Updated 4th February: Added entries 79 - 80.
*Updated 2nd February: Added entries 75 - 78
*Updated 14th January: Added entries 73 - 74
*Updated 7th January: Added entries 65 - 72
*Updated 20th December: Added entries 61 - 64
*Updated 16th December: Added entries 56 - 60.
*Updated 11th December: Added entries 53 - 55. Also updated entry 13 to include NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm cab download link.
*Updated 8th December: Added entries 49 - 52.
*Updated 6th December: Added entries 47 - 48.
*Updated 5th December: Added entries 41 - 46. Also updated entry 29 with new link to download keyboard sensitivity cab.
*Updated 21st November: Added entries 38 - 40. Added cab link to improve keyboard sensitivity to entry 29. Added link to entry 33 for true auto data disconnect for ALL auto downloading.
*Updated 18th November: Added entries 36 and 37.
*Updated 17th November: Added entries 30 - 35. Also added cab link for Enable LED Notification (entry 24).
*Updated 16th November: Added entries 28 - 29. Also added cab link for Disable Auto Screen lock (entry 27). Updated entry 13.

maxtcee 03-27-2010 08:54 AM

Re: Hd2 Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks*

http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/image.php?...ine=1258048300tboy2000 http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/images/sta...ser_online.gif [OP]
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P-A-L-A-D-I-N 07-08-2010 07:42 AM

Re: Hd2 reg edit tweaks

Originally Posted by maxtcee (Post 1661205)
TF3D Screen Rotation Solved - All Screens!
[FONT=&quot]OK, I was having issues with the screen rotation, even after installing ChangeScreen, only certain screens would rotate (like windows-deep messaging, opera). But these screens aren't related to TF3D, so I did some searching and here's what I found:

If you follow the actions below with a reg editor (I used Total Commander), and follow the steps, all screens on TF3D will rotate.

1. HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila -> add a new String Value with the name "EnableLandscape" and the value "true" (both without "")

2. HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor\ModuleName -> add a new String Value with the name "TF3D" and the value "\Windows\manila.exe" (both without "")

3. HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor\WhiteList -> add a new String Value: Name: "TF3D Value: "Manila" (both without "")

4. Change HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila DisableRotation value to 0 from 1.

All formatting should now be perfect.

do a softreset and its done

Has anybody managed to get this working on the HD2's 1.66 stock ROM? I tried to do and it works well with Excel, Word etc. but it does not work properly with Manila. The home screen's softkeys and the start button flip around but unfortunately the normal screen (clock, tasks, quicklinks etc.) remain as before and do not flip.

maxtcee 07-08-2010 03:54 PM

Re: Hd2 Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks*
try again but instead of where it says tf3d rename rename them with HTC Sence
with the caps

P-A-L-A-D-I-N 07-08-2010 08:35 PM

Re: Hd2 Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks*

Originally Posted by maxtcee (Post 1856842)
try again but instead of where it says tf3d rename rename them with HTC Sence
with the caps

Thanks for your help, maxtcee!
I tried it with "HTC Sense", EnableLandscape = true (string) and DisableRotation = 1 (dword) and now it works more or less:
The slider appears at the bottom of the screen (after clicking some kind of "show it" icon and the quicklinks, the start icon and all other icons rotated and are placed where they should be.

There are merely three more things which are a bit strange:

The normal screen with clock, calendar etc. is still on the left hand side of the screen and it's second half is still cut off a little bit (it ends after the first calendar item).
Cookies quicklinks appear on the right hand side. They are arranged in three columns with three icons each. The upper one shows the three first icons of the left quicklink menu, the one in the middle shows the middle menu's first three icons and the bottom row shows the right quicklink menu's first three icons. I can scroll through my cookie quicklinks up- and downwards though they are a little bit mixed up.
Though this result is not too bad, I guess my screen should look a little bit different, shouldn't it? Something like a kind of normal view but with a scrollbar at the right hand side to scroll down to the second half of the screen?

Some menus still don't flip around, e.g. the start menu (which is a bit annoying since especially this one would be great in landscape mode) and the lock screen.
Maybe there is just a command missing in the whitelist and module name folders?

Some screens rotate in a wrong way hiding important information (e.g. the phone book).
The callers list e.g. looks more or less normal with the list on the left hand side and the number block for dialing on the right hand side. This is not too bad since I can touch all necessary buttons.
But the phone book is too much on the left so that I cannot read the people's names and I have a huge gray gap on the right side showing absolutely nothing but the color gray.

It would be great if those ones who got this tweak working could write down what exactly they wrote into the ModuleName and Whitelist folder and which keys (and which kind of keys, too) they have in their root folder.
Thanks a lot in advance!

By the way: Using the German 1.66 stock ROM I did neither have this DisableRotation key nor the EnableLandscape key inside my root folder before so I created it. But I know that there is an EnableLandscape key somewhere else in my registry (I found it once by pure chance).

mkamodang 07-15-2010 10:09 AM

Re: Hd2 Hints, Tips and Registry Tweaks*
TF3D Screen Rotation Solved - All Screens!
OK, I was having issues with the screen rotation, even after installing ChangeScreen, only certain screens would rotate (like windows-deep messaging, opera). But these screens aren't related to TF3D, so I did some searching and here's what I found:

If you follow the actions below with a reg editor (I used Total Commander), and follow the steps, all screens on TF3D will rotate.

1. HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila -> add a new String Value with the name "EnableLandscape" and the value "true" (both without "")

2. HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor\ModuleName -> add a new String Value with the name "TF3D" and the value "\Windows\manila.exe" (both without "")

3. HKCU\Software\HTC\HTCSENSOR\GSensor\WhiteList -> add a new String Value: Name: "TF3D Value: "Manila" (both without "")

4. Change HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila DisableRotation value to 0 from 1.

All formatting should now be perfect.

do a softreset and its done

I have successfully changed all the above except the 4th. I could not locate "DisableRotation" on my HD2, OS version 5.2.21..Manila version 2.5.20...Rom 1.72...Radio 2.07.51..
Can you kindly guide me thru...thanks in advance :)
4. Change HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila DisableRotation value to 0 from 1.

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