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Old 06-07-2011, 02:02 PM
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Seidio Surface Case Review

Got my Evo Shift 4G yesterday, and bought the Best Buy brand case...can't remember the name off hand. But it's the same as the Surface Case sold on Seidio Online (mine has Pt on the back, instead of seidio). It's a pretty decent case. I got mine in black. There are two things that I don't understand/care for. On the top, where the power button/ear phone jack is, the cut out on the screen side has an indention that doesn't match the part on the bottom of the phone. Not sure why they did that. Looks sloppy, because the top and bottom don't appear to line up. Also, I couldn't get the face plate surround to snap on, until I slid the keyboard out. Once I did that, it went right on. It popped off the first time, and almost hit me in the face. Ha!

I do like the fact the camera is now below the surface, so I don't have to worry too much about scratching the lense. Makes me wonder why HTC made the camera lense stick out past the chassis. Also, the case is kind of grippy now, but I have a feeling it will gloss over, and become slippery, from the oil on my hands over time.

All in all, a decent case, but kind of expensive ($30), but I do prefer to keep scratches off my devices, so I pay what I need to, in order to protect my investment.
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