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OmarC 10-01-2009 10:59 AM

HTC Diamond Touch ROM warning
I have followed the directions for the Sprint HTC Diamond Touch ROM update found at this thread:

*Leaked* Sprint Diamond ROM v2.00.651.1 CE OS 5.2.20764

In particular, I loaded the ROM from the following link:

Victor_C_SPRINT_WWE_2.00.651.1_RS_1.11.00F_NV_1.53 _PRL60650_Test

Phone boots up fine with the 2.00.651.1 ROM version. However, the following ROM updates DO NOT WORK:

original stock Bootsplash's to flash to get rid of "test"

[Jan 15th New Sprint Radio V1.11.00F] Official CDMA Diamond Radio Thread

When the ROM updater tries to do the update routine, it stays stuck at 0% then attempts recovery.

The phone is not bricked. I was able to flash it again with the leaked Sprint ROM, so nothing got screwed up as far as I can tell. Just figured I'd warn anyone attempting the other two ROM updates.

Also, if anyone knows of a working ROM update to get rid of the "Test" text during boot-up, I'd appreciate it. I don't care much for the text, but if I end up selling the phone it will seem as though I'm trying to sell a test phone that wasn't supposed to be for sale.


wmdunn 10-01-2009 11:09 AM

Re: HTC Diamond Touch ROM warning
Here you go ...


Willis111 10-01-2009 12:38 PM

Re: HTC Diamond Touch ROM warning
Nice Release?



Originally Posted by mindfrost82
To try to keep the forums a little cleaner, we are asking that you ONLY start threads in the Upgrade forums that are to release a ROM, Kitchen, or Radio.

CozBoogie 10-01-2009 12:50 PM

Re: HTC Diamond Touch ROM warning
Moved to the general Diamond Forum.


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