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mswlogo 09-16-2009 11:05 PM

Deleting Text messages fixes Voice Command !
I've only hard reset my phone twice in the past year. Basically when I got it and when the Sprint update came out.

My Voice Command has been slowly degrading getting harder and harder to connect especially first connect in the morning. Over past few weeks.

Tonight I could not get it to work at all.

Then I noticed Voice Command didn't work the phone either.

Ran MemMaid cleanup, rebooted etc. still would not work.

I assumed some resource had accumulated over time. Log Files, Messages etc. somewhere.

I knew a Hard Reset would fix it, but preferred not.

iGuidance, Google Maps, etc. would work fine.

So before hard reseting I thought I'd take a stab at deleting all Text messages.

Reboot, Bingo VC working perfect again on handset and headset.

What is so unique about the resource text messages use?

I barely noticed any change in memory used after deleteing them and didn't have that many probably a few 100.

Oh I have about 17mb RAM free.

Any ideas?

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