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Old 09-03-2009, 01:24 AM
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Installing Cricket carrier cab Arcsoft... ect..

I bought a NIB Sprint Touch pro
Rewrote the SPC to "000000" with BAFMSL and QPST
Installed cricket PRL (btw i been reading the forums my diamond can OTASP =) )
Loaded MIN/MDN settings
[I have a fully flashed mogul so i coppied the PST setting worf-for-word to my diamond SPT settings]
Unlocked it with Diamond Unlocker
Flashed it with the Energy Rom
now im at the point when i need to install arcsoft and cricket carrier cabs
i put them in the internal memory of the phone and the setup has the Opera icon.... example Arcsoft setup looks like "O_setup" same for the carrier cab
if i click on it, it takes me to the opera browser and gives me a white screen i need my MMS and wap to work i dont understand why this is so different from my mogul please someone help me im sorry if this has been posted before... to be honest i been working on this phone all day while working at the same time im too tired to read all the stuff on forums i have searched for a few hours and i just can seem to find anything. so if this has been resolved before please post a link to the thread and ill have a mod remove this thread im just too tired to search to deep for this information.

Credit to those who made the programs i used to get this far on my phone...

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