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popasmurfn25 05-18-2009 07:16 PM

MMS Arcsoft Audio Limits??
I use the grooverom4 it came with that latest arcsoft version,
the arcsoft is my default player for viewing mms and heres the problem

i recieved a mms from a buddy of mine it contained picture and audio
my file plays 5 seconds of the audio.

I fwd the same file to my brothers cell phone and his picture and audio played for 17sec( he has a old LG lower end phone vs my high end htc diamond )

I had him send me back the file but still i only get 5 seconds of audio to play on my device.

when i view my contents in the mms i have to files audio and picture
when i click on the audio file core player plays it with 17 seconds of playtime but why wont the arcsoft play the intire file within its own self?

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