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Old 05-22-2009, 02:40 AM
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Re: 6.5 vs 6.1

Originally Posted by rileyd5 View Post
that's cool. I would suggest if you want pure speed to the web, try opera mini, ucweb, bolt browser. all of them are faster with mini being the most complete.
Oh I simply meant getting to the browser of choice took a lot longer on 6.5. I like Opera Mobile more than Opera Mini because Mobile is more full featured (I had Mini on my sanyo M1 before i got the diamond) I use my phone for mostly browsing the web, google maps and texting. I found all those to be much more difficult in 6.5 when TF3D was left out as it now seems that is the 'cool thing' to do...For now I'm sticking to Mighty ROM R3BORN
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Old 05-22-2009, 10:37 AM
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Re: 6.5 vs 6.1

I know this has been asked before, but could this thread be used to capture peoples experiences changing from 6.1 to 6.5? Perhaps describe the ROM you used, the hurdles you overcame getting use to the new interface and so on....
Hi Ianmarkus,

Check out Post 18, I posted a couple 6.5 tips and general information. I think Neeleeh and your suggestion is good so maybe since your created the thread, you can combine this material or if someone else has an idea, let's here some ideas. With more information on 6.5 coming out daily, people can stay updated and post their experiences and tips along the way. Thanks.

Originally Posted by rileyd5 View Post
good suggestion Neelesh. someone should put this together. So people have a thread to go to for suggestions, if they run into roadblocks, etc. I have a couple basic tutorials(titanium weather installation and radar setup and flashing, crashing resolution) i can throw up in this thread if anyone wants to run with it. Here are a couple 6.5 tips and an 6.5/6.1 overview of adv/disadvantages.

1. How to resolve problems with flashing 6.5 roms like random resets, not getting past first screen post flash, odd quirks that are not reported:

If you flash a lot, their will be pieces of old roms/cab installations/etc that remain in the internal storage, specifically in the program files folder of internal storage. There are two options that may fix this, no guarantee but it beats not doing anything.

Option 1:
Before I flash another rom, I go into the program files(internal storage) and delete all old folders from previous cab installations except for a couple that dont seem to interfere like livesearch. this has worked for me flashing 6.1 roms and 6.5 roms. then flash shipped, hard reset, flash the custom rom of your choice, clear storage one more time if you like.

Option 2:
Or you can backup your internal storage files to your desktop (pictures in DCIM & other folders, music, video, cabs, etc. use Pim backup for text messages, calls, etc. whatever you want saved. then I do the same thing. Flash the shipped rom, clear storage and format internal storage, flash the custom rom, clear again. I made this suggestion to someone else tonight that was not getting past the first screen flashing a 6.5 rom, and it worked so hopefully it will work for you. good luck.

2. How to setup Titanium weather and radar images. If you flash a rom without this panel, you can easily install it using the cabs listed below:

Install titanium weather v 4.2 along with chome editor, you can can also add radar images to it which is just incredible. make sure to install these cabs to device memory. Before installation. I turn off titanium before installation. Start>Settings>Today>items>uncheck Windows Default>ok. Once installed three will be a Utilities folder in your programs folder where the titanium weather options are as well as the chome editor. The options are pretty easy to set up on titanium weather, and chome editor allows you to move panels up and down based on your preference. It also allows to remove panels, just select the panel you want to remove on the left side, then on the right side find it in the drop down menu, select it again and it will ask you to disable it, click ok. (kind of pain that is why I mention this)

Attached Files
Showaco TitaniumWeather_v4.2.cab (1.45 MB, 41 views)
Showaco Chome Editor_Beta1.6.cab (232.5 KB, 38 views)

Here are image examples that you can add to your titanium weather "radar" panel. swipe to the right in the t weather panel and you will see radar, touch the screen and when click ok on the next screen. Then tap & hold the screen until the options come up, edit urls is where you can add radar images. the one I am attaching are from my area. but you can edit these urls by inputing your city and state replacing Pittsburgh Pa. A little tip for you is to install fingerkeyboard and use the cut and paste feature to add these urls to the radar screen Let me know if you guys need help. *by the way, this really rocks!!!!




Lastly here is an overview of 6.5 versus 6.1. My opinons of course but may help people that are not aware of the features, benefits, disadvantages:

I would not say it's a big improvement, but it's different, new, and interesting. In my opinion, if you start flashing 6.5 roms and give them a little time, you will have the perspective to decide whether or not it's the right fit for your needs.

Couple things I noticed that imo are advantages
  • Much better browser with ie6 although still not a good as Opera imo. if you are a pie fan, you can use ie toggler to revert back to pie as well!
  • titanium weather with radar images has an advantage over tf3d weather, no animation granted, but being able to refresh radar images in the titanium panel is pretty cool!
  • titanium uses less memory than tf3d especially if you use a clean 6.5 rom. if you use one with both, probably wont see the difference.
  • can view full wallpapers with no curtains and large clock blocking the screen. still some thing in the way but the screen will look bigger.
  • rotate screen is better hands down. no distortion and slow downs for the most part. but if you use wallpapers, they must be the correct size or will be slightly off.
  • s2u screen built into the rom.
  • more function than form. all preference whether you prefer this.
  • closing out of an app or setting takes you all the way back to the start menu which is frustrating.
  • s2u with incoming calls and the htc dialers has caused some problems which are being worked on.
  • doesnt quite have the polish of tf3d.
  • not quite sure whether battery life is as good. it seems to be close but not as good. I could be wrong on this one but it also might be due to playing around with the phone more.
  • tf3d is easier to work with. titanium has some unique set ups that require some knowledge (ex titanium weather and radar setup)
hope this helps.
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Old 05-27-2009, 02:36 PM
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Re: 6.5 vs 6.1

I definately like 6.5 better. I have tried out all major cooked rom versions on here. All of them great in there on way. I have even cooked a few of my own. For me, I just like the feel of the vertical scroll better, and the layout of the start menu better. The only thing that bugs me about 6.5 is the random messaging bars that pop up ocassionally on the home screen other than that, I really have no complaints. I think WinMo is headed in the right direction, I just hope they keep heading that way.
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