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master4g 05-06-2009 07:12 PM

been gone for 4 months, please fill me in
Hello. I have been gone for the last four months and had no chance to keep up with the diamond (had no internet where i was). Please fill me in on the following:

I currently have juicy rom on my phone. What happened to juicy rom, im assuming he got another phone, so who's rom is the main popular one now a days, which will give a good battery life

secondly, back then, there were 2-3 radios available, i updated my sprint diamond to the verizon rafeal radio, which seemed to give good battery life, good coverage, and didn't heat the phone as much... now i see on the touch pro forum that there are many more radios out... any reccomendation on which one is best, in terms of battery, heat and coverage? they are all equally important, but coverage is priority because i live in a place which someitmes i dont get any bars.

thirdly, whats the deal with windows mobile 6.5? is it possilbe on the diamond? also, any other software related programs or tweaks i should know about?

thanks a lot.

Drybonz 05-06-2009 07:15 PM

Re: been gone for 4 months, please fill me in
This happened while you were gone.


CozBoogie 05-06-2009 07:20 PM

Re: been gone for 4 months, please fill me in
Closed and moved to the general Diamond Forum.


@OP...grab your favorite beverage and start reading!

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