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smilepak 02-21-2009 11:33 PM

Opera Mobile 9.5 Build 15894 w/ Gear Support


Also available via ftp.opera.com


Opera Mobile 9.5 beta with gears support Build 15894 features:

Speed tests show Opera Mobile 9.5 beta loads Web pages 2.5 times faster than Internet Explorer Mobile.

Pan and zoom:
Opera Mobile 9.5 defaults to full Web page viewing and allows users to pan and zoom into their desired content in just a few clicks.

Improved user interface:
Opera has completely renovated its user interface. Cleaner and more intuitive, the new UI is designed for quick and easy navigation.

Opera Dragonfly:
It's a developer's toolkit right on the mobile phone.

Improved standards support:
Opera Mobile 9.5 is the most standards compliant browser available. Opera Software remains steadfast in its commitment to make the Web accessible for all.

Save pages and/or images:
With a click, simply save your selected content and view it later offline.

A true Web experience:
Multitask with tabbed browsing, view content in widescreen, and enjoy small-screen rendering.

Rich Web content:
Browse with the full richness of AJAX.

Type less and browse more:
Manager and pop-up haSave time with address auto-complete, Passwordndler.

History and bookmarks:
Pick up past browsing sessions and bookmark them for next time.

Upload contents:
Upload to Web sites such as online mail services or blogs.

Gears-enabled technical preview!!
Touchscreen-based devices only. Visit http://gears.google.com to download the Gears plugin for Opera Mobile (Last updated: 19. 2. 2009).

Opera Mobile 9.5 beta known issues
# ActiveX is disabled - Flash plugins and embedded video streaming do not work.
# Custom software keyboards (IME) will be buggy at best, not working at worst.
# No multilingual build - Only English is supported. Problems with other languages (and input methods) are not unexpected.
# Installation on memory cards may cause problems.
# Text wraps in overview mode.
# Main testing has been done on English HTC devices (Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Cruise, TyTN and Wizard) and Samsung i900.
# Landscape mode does not take keyboard position into consideration.
# Devices with low memory might get Out Of Memory (OOM) messages.
# Opera is always running when the Widgets Manager is running.
# On devices with hight DPI some of the pre-installed widgets look small.
# When an URL is opened from a widget, there will be an extra browser window opened in the background that's not working properly.

Download link

Drybonz 02-21-2009 11:52 PM

Re: Opera Mobile 9.5 Build 15894 w/ Gear Support
Here is the existing thread about this build


lawmangrant 02-22-2009 08:00 PM

Re: Opera Mobile 9.5 Build 15894 w/ Gear Support
Hey Drybonz...

What do you think about this build? I read elsewhere that it was buggy beyond no end.

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