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cwilson09 02-16-2009 10:57 PM

Is there any programs that act as a remote control for a TV using the IR Beam feature? It would be very helpful. seeing that all the classrooms in my school have projectors and it would be a great prank in class the projector magically turning off. My friend had a program like this on his palm zire but idk where i would look for winmo

jbarns 02-16-2009 11:59 PM

Re: Remote.
I would be very interested in this app if you could have presets (for different remotes). Not as much so to prank people.

djpsyco 02-17-2009 12:09 AM

Re: Remote.
I used TV Remote Controler back in 2003 on my old Toshiba PDA:

I guess it still works....

It can "learn" from a remote and reproduce the "learned" signal. It's a fantastic app...

I did use it in class back in 2003 ;)

Give it a try...

CyberBlaster 02-17-2009 12:11 AM

Re: Remote.
Enless I missed it, the Diamond doesn't have IR

tobeychris 02-17-2009 12:13 AM

Re: Remote.
Yeah, I'd like to know what IR you're going to use....

cwilson09 02-17-2009 07:34 AM

Re: Remote.
Im pretty sure thats what the "beam" is. I use the "beam quite regualry with my cousin that has a VZW Touch

PintozozDIAM 02-17-2009 07:41 AM

Re: Remote.

Originally Posted by cwilson09 (Post 717758)
Im pretty sure thats what the "beam" is. I use the "beam quite regualry with my cousin that has a VZW Touch

beam means to transfer files from one device to another. not necesarily Ir. Now it means Bluetooth.

Diamond doesnt ahve Ir.

JAVIERBOND007 02-17-2009 07:41 AM

Re: Remote.
Might be something like that here:

tobeychris 02-17-2009 10:58 AM

Re: Remote.
Beam is a feature included in WM because a lot of older phones had IR. Now it's generally unused thanks to BlueTooth.

It's not going to work.

infection0 02-17-2009 11:29 AM

Re: Remote.
God that would be a great feature... Diamond remote control...

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