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Incubated 12-17-2009 05:05 AM

Horrible windows start bar
the nastiest thing about 6.1 is the awkward top position of the start button. the bar length is fine comparing to the new 6.5.x ones where you have to pretty much use a stylus or grow nine inch nails. but the deal solution 6.5.x offers to its crude predecessor is marred by the ugly and unnecessary thickness of of the new start bar that does not even have enough length to support some of the button texts. so, i think certain little tweaks can remedy this nuisance, but i am not sure if they are, yet, doable.

i propose, either, simply flipping the start bar with the two buttons below. its much more convenient to press start this way, and with 6.5 honey comb start menu, start button is more viable than in 6.1. this seems like the simplest option.

also, how about reducing the thickness of the new 6.5.x start bar to make the notification bar up top actually accessible. its pretty damn ridiculous touching that thing. no need for buttons on start bar, text will suffice. its just too damn ugly this way.

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