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Old 01-09-2008, 02:41 PM
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Voice mail icon not clickable

Did searches for voicemail, voice mail, icon etc...

In WM5, if a notification for voicemail were dismissed, then a voicemail icon pops up in the top bar. It was then possible to select this icon and have it automatically dial your voicemail number. Now in WM6, the icon seems non-selectable. (I have verified that text message icon is selectable and pops up the text message in question). As I think of it, if there are more than one icons needing to be there, a multiple message icon pops up and when selected a bar comes down showing all the message types waiting, but the vm icon isn't selectable either. I have my voicemail password set with my vm number, and kind of nice to only press one thing to listen, otherwise have to goto phone and manually do vm. Can't find a setting I have wrong. Any ideas?

Words are nice, but I will thank Helmi via paypal.

Apache WM6 Kitchen CE OS 5.2.1908 (Build 18508.0.7.0) 20071217

Hmmm...is it normal to have multiple selections? I opened and closed the Kitchen several times selecting and deselecting before deciding on what I wanted in it...but have no other issues that I know of.

0875d285-3f09-4a1b-95e6-a16aa7bb2d6c, True, HTC Camera
2f9c257e-cd05-41bb-bb39-232aac902d6f, True, Comm Manager (10-Button)
aaa8ce13-5a7e-4584-a20b-c0242b19c063, True, SD Card Support Only
cab3a5d5-e09b-495d-8382-7f5136998f58, True, Wireless Modem (Wmodem)
8be73c02-3437-4c06-88c9-0a2e25bfaf2c, True, Windows Update
89fc53c1-ec65-4648-9972-24afb3dcad3c, True, Windows Update
6b4ed31c-5ced-41b2-b917-2c006f046a5e, True, Bluetooth A2DP Driver
9ca8818d-8eec-479d-a9be-81305c52d303, True, Bluetooth A2DP Driver
a492bb92-210b-4933-9a65-272cc8ad9a5b, True, Bluetooth HID Driver
c9b03c4a-50ff-4e86-b92f-2eb3f9968eb3, True, Bluetooth HID Driver
fd7ec796-412f-4352-9a71-04da841dc265, True, Enterprise Protocols
5e1602bb-c656-4c2e-adb1-02c8ca5c1309, True, Enterprise Protocols
abf26ee8-18d2-42c7-b355-1ff0d582d792, True, Enterprise Protocols
5bd7986e-efd4-490a-b3f8-b69ed7293c47, True, Enterprise Protocols
0cfc3dc0-5fbc-4153-9ce9-72df4d8c2922, True, Solitare and Bubble Breaker
6327354b-cf17-4539-92f4-c590558d3b46, True, Solitare and Bubble Breaker
2401a89d-1c1a-448a-b204-051d1866e37f, True, Solitare and Bubble Breaker
6dea1fb5-657b-41de-b282-d3ee7c6c149c, True, Solitare and Bubble Breaker
ed0ab1a4-a456-4fb0-ad9d-93feccf351a3, True, Internet Sharing
4c804658-f322-40fd-989c-1394560913fa, True, Modem Link
38f43c9f-bc38-430e-81d1-a2e6c650f225, True, .NET Compact Framework
2f863e61-941d-4fb6-bcdf-35bf606e613a, True, OneNote Mobile
d83b7202-2af0-4199-af12-d073bc63732f, True, OneNote Mobile
27790533-c966-4097-8a93-c1a83969c574, True, Windows Live
724ad92d-adb6-4229-b4f7-89b30e7c90e2, True, Windows Live
adc19413-37b2-4018-af8a-148b50f6ea13, True, Remote Desktop Mobile
b58170c7-67d4-4f57-af5b-a4134867f4d4, True, Remote Desktop Mobile
fd1d0922-0c01-40c7-b5d7-1c2480a4dd3e, True, Cyberon Voice Commander
3d18a254-0013-47f5-b6dd-cf10b605a2bd, True, HTC Smartdialing
5f86088f-7e4b-4f3d-8b34-76b8a6bebe0e, True, Office Excel
c87af325-6bb0-4ecf-a662-47cda75d339b, True, Office Powerpoint
b495431f-6792-4461-a0cc-c9b7f5b47611, True, Office Word
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Old 01-09-2008, 03:17 PM
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This is known behavior with WM6. If you dismiss the new voicemail notification once it will not come back. You are able to check your voicemail the 'old way' by hitting the button when prompted, instead of dismissing it.

I for one like it, I hated how the voicemail icon in WM5 kept taking over the left soft button, making it useless until I checked a voicemail.

Last edited by zenak; 01-09-2008 at 03:19 PM.
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Old 01-09-2008, 11:17 PM
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Pocket PC: XV6700
Carrier: Verizon
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fuz is a n00b
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Why would the text message notification at the top of the screen (not at the soft button) bring up the respective missed text message, but the voice mail icon not do anything? I agree that it is much better to dismiss a voice mail or text message from the key and get it's use back, but for one icon to work and not the other seems uncharacteristic. This then is a bug for WM6.
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Old 01-17-2008, 09:53 PM
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my xv6700 is doing the same thing after the WM6 upgrade
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