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bigboy292000 06-08-2011 08:59 PM

This is how to SIM unlock your Trophy, the official way
I am traveling to Europe next week, and wanted to use my Trophy over there with a local prepaid SIM.

1. Call (800) 711-8300, which is Verizon's Global Support center

2. Tell them you need your phone SIM unlocked becayuse you are traveling internationally and want to use a local SIM

Now - it is my understanding that you need to be a customer in good standing for certain time (6 months?) before they will do this for you no questions asked, and you can only SIM unlock one phone a year per line, but I am not 100% sure...

3. They will give generate an 8 digit code for you and tell you that when you put a foreign SIM into the device, you will need to enter it in. Write the code down...

Then, if you want to SIM unlock it here in the US, so you know that it worked:

4. Power the phone off; take the battery out. Take the VZW SIM out (if you never did this, gently push down the locking pin on the side of the SIM and then with another finger slide the VZW SIM in the direction that is downward, toward the bottom of the phone). Put a different US carrier SIM in. I used a T-Mobile SIM from a friend, asked him to give it to me while I unlocked my device quick at work.

5. Power up the phone

6. Go to Settings > Cellular and under Mode Selection force the phone into the GSM mode (rather than Global)

7. Once you do that, you will get prompted for the SIM unlock code. You apparently have 100 attempts to enter it? :o Anyway, enter the code, then press ENTER (it actually says "ENTER" right next to the box where the numbers go, tap on the word) and you should be told that your code was accepted.

Once that is done, if you go to the home screen, you should see on the Phone tile, that it now says that the phone is on a different network, in my case it said T-Mobile

Now, power off the phone, take the SIM out, put the VZW SIM in (or not, as you wish) and power the phone back up; it'll just come up okay on VZW network.

You are done. You need to do this only once, for 1st "different carrier" SIM. Now you can use any foreign SIM in there and you will not get prompted. I beleive that the SIM unlock survives a hard reset but I am not going to try now.

PS. For me, they did not have the unlock code right away, as the device was available only for a day when I called to do this; but they called me back in 2 days to give them to me for my two Trophies. By now, they should have them, or so the tech said they will.

pm_mazur 08-27-2011 05:52 AM

Re: This is how to SIM unlock your Trophy, the official way
I may have to correct you with unlocking time frame. In California (Bay Area) I've been told by the Gloval Network Support that I can unlock the phone once every 10 months. I just came back from Europe and I travel once every two years and unlocked over five phones. Every time they told me the same thing.

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