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dotcompt 05-07-2010 11:51 AM

[ROM] ★ ★ ★ 05-May ● DeepShining X7.21903-23557 ● Rhod 2.07 Sense 2.5.2012 ★ ★ ★
Hi guys, new Rom released - X7.21903

ROM detail :

CE OS 5.2.21903
Based on Rhodium 2.07 Sense 2.5.2012 (WWE)
Video Call Working
TV Manila Tab, Missed Calls, FootPrints, eReader, Documents, FacebookTab and Programs Tab.
DeepShining PowerButton 18actionscreen.
HTC default Lockscreen (DeepShining Theme)
Zoomadds - You can now use Rhodium ZoomBar in many ways: Video here.
. Zoom In & Out in Opera 9.7, TomTom, Garmin and Google maps.
. Movies Fast Forward and Rewind in Coreplayer.
. Scroll up and down in File Explore, Total Commander and Resco.
. And last but not least, scroll Up and Down inside Manila Tabs: scroll Emails, text messages, fotos, musics etc...just by using the zoombar.

3d party apps:
htcaddicts cleanRam V2.2 - Thanks to ronenpg
Facebook v1.2
SmartLyrics included (view Lyrics while listening music)
Tom Autoinstall - Create a folder on your Storage Card with name "Autoinstall" and place all your CABs and XMLs there, after flashing, your CABs and XMLs will be autoinstalled. All credits to Tom Codon

http://j.imagehost.org/0395/portrait.gif http://j.imagehost.org/0795/Landscape.gif

PS: In this ROM the Wallpaper is the HTC default but can be changed

DeepShining X7.21903 Change Log:
WM6.5 COM2 build 21903.
Rhodium 2.07 OEM + Leo Extra Tabs.
Removed all Leo Packages.
Added a Program Tab (like in Manila 2.1).
Removed Smartlock and added a lockscreen icon.
Windows Live updated.
Google Maps updated with Voice Search.
New Reset Theme thanks to Nullstring.
ActionScreen assigned to Powerbutton Only.



Psychobaby 05-18-2010 07:35 PM

Re: [ROM] ★ ★ ★ 05-May ● DeepShining X7.21903-23557 ● Rhod 2.07 Sense 2.5.2012 ★ ★ ★
Do you have a full list of 3rd party apps? I looked over on XDA and didnt find it there either. Also...and don't laugh if this is a lame question :)...is tethering as easy on this ROM as it is on NRGZ roms?

1801 06-07-2010 06:37 PM

Re: [ROM] ★ ★ ★ 05-May ● DeepShining X7.21903-23557 ● Rhod 2.07 Sense 2.5.2012 ★ ★ ★
do u know how to make sms bubbles on your mobile phone...i have the same one..and do u kno how to update the rom... the version i have it wm 6.1... idk how to download 6.5 lol.. sorri i cnt answer ur ?

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