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imecoli 08-03-2013 06:24 PM

HTC 8XT camera issue
Has anyone had any issues with taking nighttime pics with the 8XT? my images have a green distortion on the right side of the image when there in limited light situation. :cussing:

I gotten around the lack of HTC voice telenav for free by using google maps and "Here". Another smaller issue the non-replaceable battery which is pretty much becoming the standard it seems. I would rather carry batteries than a portable charger. The added SD slot is great. The back cover is near impossible to remove, the techs at the store told me this model doesn't support an SD card :^o

The reception also seems to have improved considerably, I can watch Netflix in areas now where I never had reception. That however could also be due to sprints lack of support for the Arrive

I really like this phone but the camera issue might make me return it to wait for the Samsung model. I think I will go to Verizon to look at their comparable models to compare the two. The store I got the phone from only had the one delivered to them, not even a display model, that's the one I bought. No other stores around me had them in stock when I was looking. I have 6 days left for my return window, I will eat the $35 if I have to. But I think the defective phone might waive that.

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