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Yay 4 Juggs 09-05-2006 05:28 PM

For those of you with ESRP!!!!!!!!!!!!!MUST READ
Finally i get to scoop someone!!!

We just got a letter in the mail regarding ESRP on the wifey's line which now states

The key changes to the ERP are as follows:

The aggregate coverage limit is now increased to a maximum of three covered replacements in any 12 month consecutive period.

Blofeld 09-05-2006 06:35 PM

Good news to hear.

Though with my 6700, I have been holding onto it very tight like a running back.

darkmojo 09-05-2006 08:19 PM

Yeah, I protect my phone like I would my first born.

cac9478 09-05-2006 11:47 PM

dude that f-ing sucks. I used to get my phone replaced like 8 times a year.

Wideawake 09-05-2006 11:52 PM

lol thats alot of replacing. I need to replace mine, but I dont want a phone that cant evdo and phone at the same time.

bunnytrigger 09-05-2006 11:58 PM

8 times?? what in the world??

wingzero 09-06-2006 08:01 AM

This is a good piece of info, especially for those that have to replace their phone so often. 8x, man that got to be a record. I think we need a poll to see how many phones did people replace a year.

ajk511 09-06-2006 12:20 PM

not just using ESRP, my freshman year of college went like this.
sanyo 8200 X3, sanyo 4500, sanyo 7400 X2, mm-5600 X4. :):):). i throw my phone when im drunk, lol.

Sonin66 09-06-2006 12:31 PM

yea that is very bad news. as much as we pay, we should be able to use it whenever

Blofeld 09-06-2006 01:20 PM

AFAIK, this is to discourage abuse of the insurance system.

Besides I would bitch more about the junk refurbished phones you will get as replacement from Lockline than the number of incidents allowed per year.

I used to have a junk Sanyo VM 4500/5500 and I had to hold onto it for eternity until I qualified for the $150 rebate off my current PPC-6700. The buttons were not working, the sound awful, and the screen kept blacking out. :x

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