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DeMiNe0 01-25-2009 09:18 PM

Cannot execute Tskschedule.exe/repllog.exe/clocknot.exe
Hi Everyone,

I'm having an issue that I can't seem to find any type solution for online. I've seen a few suggestions for what can be done, but nothing that has seemed to solve this issue.

Randomly I will get the following errors on my Windows Mobile 6.1 Sprint HTC Touch Pro:
Cannot execute Tskschedule.exe
Cannot execute repllog.exe
Cannot execute clocknot.exe

These happen at random times, and I am running on the stock Sprint Rom with the Telus Radio. The only thing I could imaging that has caused this is the fact that a few weeks ago, I did have to do a restore of my device with SPB Backup. I hard reset the device, then I restored my full backup with SPB Backup using the Device Rom Upgrade option (Which doesn't touch some of the WM system files I guess). The restore went fine, but I believe this is when the errors started happening.

I've ran memmaid, and searched for duplicate's in the notification queue, I've also ran sktools, and used the clean function to see if that fixes it, but it hasn't.

What else do you guys think I should try to resolve this issue, short from doing a Hard Reset?

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