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Old 10-28-2011, 10:39 PM
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Webtop Keyboard Shortcuts

Not sure if this has been posted yet or not... I performed a search and did not find it.

Alt + Ctrl + C - Capture screen
Control+Alt+A - Capture Current Window
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel - Controls Zoom of Webpage (Zoom is recorded for that particular page and does not affect any other page)
Ctrl + L - Moves the cusor up to the url bar
Alt + Tab - Switch Between Active Windows
Ctrl + Shift + e - Adjust Viewpoint
Shift + Tab - Cycling through selectable elements on the screen in reverse order
Control+Alt+B - Open Firefox
Control+Alt+F - Open File Manager
F11 - Maximize Current Window To Full Screen
spacebar, Page up, Page down - Scroll Firefox Window
Alt+arrow left or right - Move cursor to start or end of text line in Mobile View
Ctrl+X - Cut text
Ctrl+A - Select All Text In Current Field
Ctrl + C - Copy Text To Clipboard
Ctrl + V - Paste Text From Clipboard
Ctrl+Alt+D - Minimize Or Restore All Windows
Ctrl+arrow up or Ctrl+arrow down - Rotate Mobile View

With a keyboard you can use the following key commands in the Mobile View window to access phone apps and features:

F5 + B - Open Browser
F5 + C - Open Contacts
F5 + E - Open Email
F5 + M - Open Maps
F5 +P - Open Music
F5 + S - Open Text messaging
F5 + Y - Open Youtube
F3 - Open Dialer
Esc - Back
F5 - Search
F1 - Open Menu
Home - Go to Home Screen

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