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Old 10-22-2010, 11:59 AM
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rossi636 is keeping up the good workrossi636 is keeping up the good work
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MIUI Rom for the Droid 1 by Zenulator and D1-MIUI Team

I want to start this thread to try and revive this forum. It has been dead in here for quite some time.

Here we have the new OS that is showing up here and there on peoples Droid1 Nexus 1 and Desire.


I want to thank the Dev responsible for this port and the team that has been put together in an effort to have it 100% stable on these devices.

Team D1-MIUI Proudly Presents D1-MIUI-0.10.29-V6.X

D1-MIUI is not the "kitchen sink rom". Addon packs will be posted. Feel free to make your own. But remember do not post full roms. This is Team D1-MIUI forum. Only our official rom will be posted. Please read the rules sticky and the example mod sticky if you need help. If you want to be a part of the "Official Team D1-MIUI" you will need to actually contribute something other than adding and removing apks from the system directory. If you want to make add-on zips however, please feel free, we're all for it.

Please read this whole post before downloading and flashing.

+*+*Special thanks to n_i_x, mobiousdigital, jetrii & MarkHUK over at XDA for all the work they've done on MIUI.+*+*

Join them and others who are working on MIUI over at Join us on irc.freenode.net #MIUI

This is a full wipe rom. Meaning wipe data/factory reset through clockwork recovery.
Please flash it that way.

This is necessary so we can further development on MIUI for the Droid 1 without having a backbone ROM to flash over. If you don't flash it this way we can't tell what bugs are directly from MIUI.

For example accountsandsyncsettings does not need to be renamed. It works fine if you flash it like stated. The same goes for network location

With that said......

This is a 99.99% fully functional ROM.

The only problems that remain are:

Sliding open the keypad will unlock the phone. If this is an issue change your lockscreen options to Pin/Password or don't use this rom and put your droid in your pocket while wearing jeans or girl pants. We will look in to disabling this feature/bug.

Facebook contacts don't sync. It does if you flash over a rom with working contact sync but that causes way more problems. Just download syncmypix from the market and be done with it. Sorry guys, I worked hard on getting this working but it's a deep issue.

You cannot record 720p video. No droid rom does this. This was built for the n1/desire. I'll have a look into disabling the option.

Dialing *228 will force close the phone. Dial *228+ instead. It works the same.

I added DownloadCrutch because the browser doesn't want to download files on its own. It works better with downloadcrutchlite anyway.

Things not to do:

Do not flash themes made for any other version. If you do don't post your bugs here.
Do not use Titanium Backup to restore anything other than downloaded market apps.
Do not flash this rom if you haven't wiped data/factory reset.
Do not report bugs if you're using a modded version of the rom


What bugs are fixed in this version:
Android Market now shows Verizon Wireless market
Rom Manager no longer force closes
Phone no longer force closes
Phone is translated

What is not included:

Just a few apps that can be considered add-on apps more than others. I wanted to have a solid base of apps that should be in there and apps that 99% of use use, i.e. Google Maps

If there is an app you don't want, just take it out. It's not that hard, you can do it on your computer or right from the phone using root explorer.

I left out Carhomelauncher, Carhome, Wireless tether, and a few others. Add-on packs will be made if you need these. Have patience we have lives too.

Also, I left out the new weather app because its all in Chinese and it's a huge file, I'll probably add it back when it's translated. It's available for download if you want the app. I'll post a link when I get a chance.


Download: http://code.google.com/p/d1-miui/dow...q=#makechanges

Changelog: Changelog - d1-miui - Project Hosting on Google Code

Issue Tracker: Issues - d1-miui - Project Hosting on Google Code
If you don't fully fill out the issue tracker form the issue will be deleted or marked invalid.
If you are willing to help post responses to the issue tracker. I only check it every couple days. This is not my full time job.

Side note: Rom now supports 12 languages natively, just use the locale app to set your language!!
I highly suggest donating a little something to the devs involved. They are super helpful and do this for the love of development.

Guarantee your Droid1 will be one of it's kind in a neighborhood near you.;

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