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eenieMINI 05-24-2010 12:36 PM

Blackberry Forum Update
We've done some rearranging. Hopefully I don't mess up the devices.

Please post:
1. general questions and comments in the main forum.
2. themes and wallpapers in themes forum (specify OS and/or device in post title)
3. Apps in apps of course as with accessories
4. Phone specific in approppriate carrier section with phone/device model in title.

OS dicussion in the OS sections. Hope this isn't too confusing once we get used to the new arrangements it should navigate more easily.

Many of the questions are not model specific as much as OS or GSM/CDMA specific so it made sense to merge.

We can and will add device specific subs if necessary, and can sticky new device talk for ease of navigation.

Thanks everyone! Now lets get posting up!

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