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Old 05-09-2011, 10:14 PM
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Quick and Easy Rooted Froyo with Market!

Found a nice stable(so far) Froyo Rom for my Nook Color.

[ROM] [WIP] Xboxexpert's Builds (Froyo 2.2 & Honeycomb 3.0) - xda-developers

To make it even easier to install (if you don't have CWM Recovery already, or you got stuck at the "Touch the Future of Reading" screen as I did) I made a Bootable CWM sd card using this guide

Monster RootPack Manual

And just copied the Rom zip to the sd card. Put it in the Nook, turn it on, and it flashes CWM and the Rooted Froyo Rom in one Step!

I take no credit for any of the work, just passing the info along!

CWM and a SD Card
External USB/Internal USB Memory Card Reader

MP3 Playback
Video Software Accelerated Playback
YouTube!, Pandora & other mp4 streaming apps (Included)
Live Wallpaper (check out Starfield!)
Wi-Fi (adhoc [connect to cell phones] & infrastructure [connect to routers])
Sound Playback
Google Market 2.3.1/Tablet Market for Honeycomb

Recovery Menu 0.3 eMMC/SD (Power on & Press any key)
1.1ghz OC Kernel & Ramdisk (Set @ Boot) 2/25
Full Superuser Access
Recovery Console (backup/restore your NAND) [Press any key while booting]
Removed Signal Bars from Status Bar & NoCarrier Message from Lock Screen
Status bar is on bottom of screen & can be toggled StaOnTop
Updates are permanently blocked!
Wi-Fi stays active even when screen is off (+15min)
Unknown sources Enabled (install non-Market applications)
Screen stays awake while USB is plugged in
adb debugging is active [mostly for developers]
Windows & Transitions animations are .5sec faster [really speeds things up]
Compatibility Mode is DISABLED [makes some applications scale to full screen]
WretchedBlues theme by wretchedlocket

Software Included:
adbWireless (Connect adb though dos wireless) [Wi-Fi needed] [mostly for developers]
AdFree (Block those nasty ad's) [Wi-Fi needed]
Adobe Reader (Read PDF files)
Aldiko (ebook/epub reader) [import your books off your sd card]
Angry Birds/Seasons/Rio (if you don't know what this is go return your device)
Circle Battery Widget (display battery life on desktop)
Dolphin Browser HD (better web browser then stock) [Wi-Fi needed]
DroidFtp (connect to FTP sites) [Wi-Fi needed]
ES File Explorer (File Manager)
Facebook (duhh....) [Wi-Fi needed]
gTab simi Clock (really awesome clock for your desktop)
IP Address Widget (displays the IP Address of your connection) [Wi-Fi needed]
Kindle (read your Kindle books on Nook, lol) [Wi-Fi needed]
LauncherPro (default launcher instead of Android base launcher)
Maps (google maps)
MoboPlayer (play avi files and other formats)
nook 2.5 (Nook application on your...nook, lol again) [Wi-Fi needed]
Quadrant Standard (benchmark your nook) [email me scores I'm interested] [Wi-Fi needed]
Quick Boot (Easy way to Reboot/Power off your nook color)
QuickOffice (Office Document Reader of Android)
RomManager (reboot to recovery from your OS) [mostly for developers]
Status Bar Toggle (Status Bar Stayontop ON/OFF)
Superuser (provides a list of applications that use superuser access)
ThrottleCopter (the most addicting game when your board)
Twitter (tweet...tweet)
Uninstaller (uninstall programs, duhh)
Volume (Control your Media/System Volume)
Wallpaper CASA (only the best wallpaper program ever!) [Wi-Fi needed]
Winamp (mp3 player + stream direct from your PC) [Wi-Fi needed]
YouTube (duhh....) [Wi-Fi needed]
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