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Re: [ROM] [06.24.09] *Silence & MightyMike* Production

In case anyone cares I was able to get MMS working with this rom on US Cellular. I installed ARCSoft MMS and after messing with the server settings for an hour or so, with the help of a few other forums, with no joy I went back to the stock rom and borrowed the registry keys responsible for the server set up.

All you have to do is install ARCSoft MMS and then import this registry file and it just works. This is from a freshly hard reset phone so it contains no customer info from my phone. There is probably a better way to do it but I surely couldn't figure it out. I just figured I would pass this along to anyone else who needs MMS on US Cellular.

Also I posted it here because I have no Idea where it really belongs but there have been people in here asking about MMS on various cariers, I appologize if it is in the wrong place.
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