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Re: ## codes

Originally Posted by rev800x View Post
For some reason the ROM I am using is missing the actual ## code files in windows. Non of them are there. Is there somewhere I can download these files from. I've searched the world wide web over and over and can't find a thing. All I can find is what to enter in, not the actual files that do it.
The ##codes are actually registry settings in HKLM\Services\PhoneExt\KeyProgram. There are two String keys, Postfix and Prefix. These are the characters you need to dial prior to (Prefix) and after (Postfix) the EPST code. Both of my keys have the value "#" (I'm on Sprint) and I can only assume Verizon only has the Prefix key populated.

However I made a bunch of .lnk files a long time ago you can use. Just copy them into a directory and double-click the shortcut you want to run the desired code. Ma not be all encompassing but you can add your own.

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