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Re: help with touch pro

Originally Posted by derrickmd18 View Post
Just brought my Sprint touch pro and I have a few questions:

1.How are you getting the battery percentages? On mine I donít see a percentage.
2.OK button. Is there anyway to change a button around to make it a OK button?
3.Is there anyway to get the titanium on the stock Touch Pro without flasing custom rom?
4. will this work on the Touch pro? If not is there a way to make it work? I prefer this over the Arcsoft MMS

5. Whats a good version of S2U2 to use?
6. work correction. I used this for one day then it stopped coming on. anyone know how to turn it back on?
1-other people answered this already
2-not sure exactly what you mean by this.
3-no. titanium is a 6.5 only item.
unless your carrier comes out with a TP 6.5 rom it is impossible.
(which I think i read somewhere only one was
- I think Sprint-don't quote me on that though)
4-not sure, I use arcsoft. and am waiting for touchflo 3D 2 to get done getting it's bugs worked out.
5-not sure, but I think it's pretty save to say the newest one. hahah.
S2U2's Developer's Website
6-I think you meant word correction,
and I have no idea, I use the keyboard, and don't bother with word correction, maybe I'll search for it later if no one knows.
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