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Re: Anyone order a phone from retention or telesales?

Originally Posted by ivan1.ruiz View Post
well I tried getting the pre and they promised it would be delivered.. i called again and no order had been made. I spoke to so many people that im fed up and now im asking to cancel my service but they want to charge me a cancellation fee. One agent placed on the notes that they would give me a palm pre and now they say "well we cannot fulfill any promises made by ANYONE else even though is notated on the account"

so BBB here I go maybe they can help me here.
I feel ya there, I had a frustrating issue like that when I ordered my Samsung M510 a long time ago. Always got the run around when I tried to get an RMA to return a defective unit they sent me. I was transferred to and from and no one wanted to deal with it. Reg cust care said I had to talk to renetions, rentions wouldn't help, telesales said customer service it was just brutal. Took over 2 hours and multiple calls back and forth. I think it might have even took 2 days, I think the first day I gave up. After talking to enough people and starting to get firm I did eventually get what I needed. The problem with sprint it's so hit or miss. I like sprint a lot but there customer service everyone has a different answer.

Not a whole lot you can do, I would say yoru best shot is gonna be retentions, they should have the most power but it's such a crap shoot. Just depends on who wants to help you.