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*Updated*V1.0 & 1.2WM6.1w/m2dCricketROM(vogue)+CricketCarriercab+Arcsoftfix

*Toshia's V1.0 & V1.2 WM6.1 w/m2d Cricket rom (vogue) with Arcsoft MMS/WAP fix for cricket and Cricket carrier cab files*

This is my rom *updated*. I would like some of you to try it out if you would like. Please give feedback so I can improve/fix/or anything else. Here's the link<the one from 6-10-09 is the updated version and include everything you need in the zip file

You MUST have radio 3.4+ and Cokemans Unlocker/Bootloader for the rom To Work Right.

Here is a list of some of the programs i have included on it....
*abcpower-it monitors your power useage
*adobe reader le
*audio manager
*google maps
*icontacts-like the contact app on the i phone
*mp3trimmer-to make your own ringtones
*m2dc-customize M2D
*s2p-slide 2 play
*tcpmp-play virtually any media file
*yahoo go
*opera browser
*pandora radio
*a few games

To get MMS and EVDO to fully work on Cricket refer to RyanMogul's PST settings for Cricket

This one is obviously for Cricket but if you need carrier cabs from another carrier just send me a pm and I can link them for you and change the carrier on the rom itself.

I look forward to any feedback from anyone who gives it a try. Thanks to RyanMogul and mattsm for showing me the ropes and getting me started. I learned alot from you guys, +cred.

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