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Re: Porting SYS

Originally Posted by jakdillard View Post
Alright this first lesson is how to port a SYS folder from another device

The tools you will need for this is G'reloc your kitchen OEM folder and SYS folder and SYS folder from other rom.

Ok Step 1
Decompile your donor rom in your kitchen so that you have a SYS folder OEM folder and Rom Folder. Once you have this done place the G'reloc tool in the kitchen folder, run G'reloc , what this tool does is relocates the modules in the SYS folder using the info from the .vm imageinfo.bin, there are three important slots that you will need to get the info from they are slot 0: slot 1: and size of rom . What you will need to do now is write down those numbers exactly how they look for each slot.

what kitchen should i download and use to decompile my donor rom into a sys folder oem folder and rom folder?
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