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Re: Please help me decide where my money goes!

Originally Posted by raththemercenary View Post
Hey guys!
First let me start off by saying i am a total n00b with this stuff so sorry for any retarded questions

My contract ends with sprint on June 1, and i am considering switching to alltel since the touch pro is listed on their since for $80.

Is alltel a good carrier for this phone? I only want them since they seem like the cheapest.

Do you think i should get this, or wait for the touch pro 2 even if its with a different carrier? (i love how the touch pro 2 looks but dont really feel like waiting)

Will a touch pro with a custom rom be better than a touch pro 2 with its regular rom?

Will it take a while for a custom rom to come out on the touch pro 2? Will i really need it?

Is the alltel version a CDMA or GSM phone?

Is there a step by step youtube video to help me unlock/flash/get a custom rom on the touch pro? i find it hard to follow some of these forums

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for your time guys
Alltel as far as could be told by the experiences of others here is a good provider. Recently acquired by Verizon. It's all relative.

Other than the obvious screen size difference. TP2 has the better conferencing capabilities, updated TF3D interface (for those who like it and by that I mean TF3D), the tilting screen and seems to be all around more optimized to use its processor (all-be-it the same processor as the 1st gen TP).

Depends on your personal definition of "better".

Alltel = CDMA

Look here for any assistance:
How To unlock and flash with Video Walk Through!

Most of our current TP users will be jumping ship, to either Pre or TP2. I personally will stay with the TP (1st gen) until I hear more news on WiMaX/LTE hardware. Or any hardware compatibility issues with WinMo7 when it is announce, preliminary info states that neither the TP or TP2 will be upgradeable to WinMo7.

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