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Question Please help me decide where my money goes!

Hey guys!
First let me start off by saying i am a total n00b with this stuff so sorry for any retarded questions

My contract ends with sprint on June 1, and i am considering switching to alltel since the touch pro is listed on their since for $80.

Is alltel a good carrier for this phone? I only want them since they seem like the cheapest.

Do you think i should get this, or wait for the touch pro 2 even if its with a different carrier? (i love how the touch pro 2 looks but dont really feel like waiting)

Will a touch pro with a custom rom be better than a touch pro 2 with its regular rom?

Will it take a while for a custom rom to come out on the touch pro 2? Will i really need it?

Is the alltel version a CDMA or GSM phone?

Is there a step by step youtube video to help me unlock/flash/get a custom rom on the touch pro? i find it hard to follow some of these forums

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for your time guys
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