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Re: [UPDATED 03/01/09] MrHawaii PCM Keyboard v23 Skins

Hey, I really like the look of your keyboard. Is it VGA or QVGA? I like the dark hawaii skin, but my poor XV6800 just doesn't work with it. If it's QVGA can you post?

Originally Posted by Drybonz View Post
Thanks! Here are some shots of my current theme. It is based on the Dream 2 skin, like Mr. Hawaii's, but not as refined as his. The layout is my own, and one I have been using with PCM Keyboard since pre-.15 when the skinning method changed (with some minor updates since then).

I am going for a minimal look, and I prefer a really big keyboard. My landscape mode is really huge. I made it that way because I liked the big keyboard on the Samsung Instinct.

Let me know what you think. If anyone wants it, I will post it.
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