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Re: Liquor store..

Originally Posted by mr8820 View Post
jut curious but did you get a new one or refurb?
I got a refurb. I tried to go through Sprint, they had me call HTC. Which then had me call this ghetto company that they contract for the warranty. When I called that company they said I'd have to send the phone in, and it would take two weeks for them to repair. They only have one location and it's in New York.. If they aren't able to repair it they send you a refurb, and the only way you can get a new one is if they are out of refurbs.

I wish I would have paid the extra money at Best Buy when I bought the phone so they would replace it with a new one.. Oh well, at least the new one doesn't have dents in it like my old one. Although I'm supposed to be getting yet another one in 3-5 days. This refurb's screen slants up just a lil cuz of the keyboard, which pisses me off. My old one never got like that. And Between the cracks by the screen and the body of the phone there was dirt or whatever. Towards the bottom of the phone, where the buttons meet the chrome, you can kinda see the insides through that little crack. Shoddy. That's all I have to say. The next one I hope is in like new quality..
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