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Re: IN CALL RECORDING, distorted other party

Originally Posted by delawaresace View Post
i've had this happen to me also, but rarely, not enough to force me th investigate, sorry. but i DO know what you are talking about.

on a side note, you got ICR working on 6.5? mind telling me how? i could only get it to work on 6.1. that is one of the main reasons i haven't upgraded yet.

I used that 2way recording cab that enables the RECORD button in the dialer, where you don't have to have ICR installed, but I did install ICR. I got it working but I had some skipping issues that I've read others have on 6.1. I really didn't know that it was difficult to get it working on 6.5 as I was desperately trying to find a rom where I wasn't having the problems I was having with the skipping, so when I still had issues, although I could use the internal recording method, I went back to good ole 6.1!

Still wish I could get this working though, correctly. I suspect I need a 'better' wavedev.dll file.
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