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Re: cases with built in screen protectors?

Originally Posted by Qcom View Post
Hello everyone. Just switched to sprint from verizon and bought the touch pro. Now, this is my first smartphone, so for now Ive got it set how I like it, except for one thing. I tried to apply the stock screen protector, but I don't have steady hands at all. Thus i ended up completely mucking it up w/ finger prints, etc. I was wondering if theres any kind of case that gives the screen some protection, aka a plastic window? All the cases i've seen from searching here dont have anything what so ever. Thanks alot!
You have to flip it open to use it (screen doesnt transmit the touch) but sells a hardcase thats made out of aircraft aluminum for about 25 bucks.
Its funny, at least 35 threads a day are people who tried to flash and messed up, or wonder why in the middle of the night their phone up and did a hard reset by 'itself'.
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