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Re: Sprint wants $120 to replace my defective Touch Pro (D-Pad Broken)

You get the insurance. You cant claim the phone for 30 days but they might let you swap it out for free as soon as you have insurance. If that doesnt work get insurance activate an old phone and once you have your insurance for 30 days you can reactivate the TP and then have that swaped out for free at the repair center.

The only time you pay a deductable with insurane is if the phone is physicly damaged. Other wise all swaps are free. I have had insurance on all my phones. I have paid maybe two deductables over the last 4 or 5 years. I have swaped probably 20-30 phones in that time. The insurance is worth the cost when you are buying pricey phones like these.

Oh and the reason the deductable went up is because of all these people out their making these fraudgulent claims and what not. Thanks cheap pricks. You already have great sprint phone service at a great price compaired to other companys and you have what I consider good insurance and yet you still have to find away to beat the system as if its some sort of game or something.
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