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Mozilla Mozilla Songbird and Touch Pro - anyone successful?

I'm pulling the trigger on switching from iTunes to Songbird. Reasons include the fact that I rarely use my old iPod (though Songbird will happily sync it) and have been listening to music more on my Touch Pro. I also do still like the iTunes interface, which Songbird can mimic. I've never been much of a fan of (OK, I detest) Windows Media Player. Finally, I am a fan of open source software and like the extensibility of Songbird.

I'm using Songbird 1.1.2 and connect my TP to a Windows Vista Home Premium computer via WMDC with no difficulty. Songbird is able to find my TP and accurately reports the size of the storage card and the free space. Here's where the problems begin.

Songbird will not display any content on my TP. The Sync Settings window pops up, but hitting Save (or Cancel, for that matter) doesn't make it go away. When I right-click on a song in the main library, the option to Add to Device appears, and clicking on that shows my TP's name as an option, but it's greyed out and not clickable. Within the device pane, selecting a playlist and hitting Sync doesn't do anything. Basically, there doesn't seem to be any real way to manage music on my TP using Songbird, but then I'm an idiot about such things.

Does anyone here use Songbird with their Touch Pro?
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