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Sprint wants $120 to replace my defective Touch Pro (D-Pad Broken)

Well today my Touch Pro's D-Pad stopped working. All of the buttons are completely unresponsive, with no explanation whatsoever. Yesterday I noticed that the dial button stopped working, but thought nothing of it since it's usually finicky to begin with. When I woke up today, however, everything stopped working.

I went into the Sprint (corporate) store I always go to and explained the situation to them. They took it to the repair desk, and the guy came back, asked me if I had insurance (Ironically I canceled it this last billing cycle because of the increased deductible), and then told me that it would cost $120 to replace. I immediately told him that I'd have to think about it.

Last time I checked, this kind of thing was covered to begin with (since it was defective), and repairs were $50. I asked the rep, who said that the cost of smartphone repairs had been increased to $120. Does anybody know about this? I'd like to get the phone replaced as using it without a D-Pad is odd, and the device itself is acting very slow (I think it thinks buttons are being constantly pressed).
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