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Re: AT&T stepping it up like OMGZ! TP2/TD2

Originally Posted by foxnews View Post
MS is rushing out WM 6.5 and at the same time WM 7 is in development. this is because of iphone.
MS "rushes" about as well as it "innovates"... and not as good as it copies, although it can't even seem to copy too well these days either...

C'mon the iPhone's been out for TWO YEARS and its UI we've had a glimpse of for even longer... during that time, MS has let us use WM 5.0, 6.0 and 6.1... big Whoop! it all is pretty much the same OS with miniscule changes... in fact aren't they based on the same WinCE kernel?

MS is emulating/copying PalmOS strategy too much... now its even copying PalmOS's stagnation and decay...
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