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Re: Sprint TP on Alltel

First unlock the the TP. Then install BAFMSL on your phone and .net 3.5 which can be found searching ppcgeeks. run BAFMSL and that will give you sprints unlock code. Get qpst and install it and these modem drivers on your computer and run the directions as they are listed in this post (ignore the fact that it is for a just walks you through the process to change the service programming code to 000000. Flash it with an alltel rom, Log in to your alltel account online, go to account maintanence, and it will list your SID and MIN. Enter these in the ##000000 area on your phone. Now dial #228 and update PRL. Reset phone. Dial #228 and activate phone. If this does not tech support from a different phone and tell them you want to activate a new phone on your line. If they question you about the phone...tell them it says alltel when it boots up. You installed the stock alltel you are not lieing. They may mention that this phone may have been a prepaid..and therefore is not in the "system" but they will add it for you.

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