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Re: How do I stop the screen turning itself back on

Originally Posted by mk3 View Post
Still never found the answer for this but it does seem to do it when going out and back in to a signal. Caught it on my kitchen counter where I get a crappy signal.
Under Settings/Sounds and Notifications uncheck the "Display message on screen" box under the "Connection established" and "Connection disconnected" events, this will prevent the screen from coming on when you gain or lose a connection. You can browse through the other events and turn off the screen notification as well depending on your preferences.

As for accidentally dialing someone after the screen turns on: You can avoid that issue by locking your phone before you put it in your pocket. Even if you manage to turn it on somehow you won't be able to dial out until you unlock it. The lock button is under the Personal tab of the Settings screen, but there are several ways to map it to your Today screen.

I'm new here but I'm on my 4th PPC (SX56, SX66, XV6700 and now XV6800) since 2002. I have a lot of reading to do to catch up with the rest of you!


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