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Re: 6.5 flashing problems, potential fix and Poll

Guys, I'm at a loss......

I'm new here and to ROM flashing, but I'm no computer noob and I just CAN'T for the life of me get 6.5 to work on my Diamond.

I got the instructions to a T, I made sure I got fairly reputable ROMs that were not Carrier specific other than mine (Telus) and over all, the flashig process works fine. But any and all 6.5 ROMs crashed at one point or another, usually really quickly after the customization - if that far - and then I get the boot screen hang thingy.

I flashed back to stock, worked fine. Flashed Mighty's 6.1, worked fine. But whether it's Mighty's, Juicy or Calkulin's 6.5, monumental crash. What am I doing wrong??? I've followed all the tips I could find here, and it still crashes

I'm beyond my capacities I guess......
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