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Major Problem with HTC Diamond (Sprint)

Hello everyone. I am shamefully submitting myself after countless hours of research and effort to fix my Diamond with no luck. It seems like some people have experienced similar conditions but nobody seemed to have resolved the issues identical to what I've been experiencing. No matter what custom ROMs I try, it does not work for one reason or another.

Here are the symptoms the device has been experiencing.

- Start Menu only displays 2 links (Today & Recent Programs)

- When I click contacts on TF3D, the screen turns to "T3FD loading screen, then hangs"

- Links in Programs appear with missing logos and when clicked, gives a shortcut error.

- When even soft resetting the device from freezing, the rom would load back up as if it's the first loading since flashing. (Tap screen to setup device, screen Alignment, cooked program installations, etc.)

- Call History does not save. (even seconds after I make or receive a call)

- Activesync sometimes gives errors during "Retrieving settings"

I have been using MR 3.8 for awhile until yesterday when I came across MR5 links and the positive responses from the users have encouraged me to give it a try. I have loved MR 3.8 and was feeling confident about any rom MightyMike would throw out there.

However, it seems like problems were unfolding one by one since this flash. Screen freezes, and all the symptoms listed above. They didn't all necessarily occur together, but when one problem seemed to have been temporarily resolved, other problems came up.

I've flashed over 20 times today between MR3.8 , MR3.9, 4R3BORN, MR5 and not one flash seemed to have stuck for over 30 minutes without me discovering the above symptoms. I know something is wrong because MR3.8 didn't give me these issues before, but now they do. Also, seeing how people are saying MR3.9 is pretty stable and fast, I don't think the roms themselves are the problem.

I have unlocked my phone once several months ago and loading the trigger bootloader today, i saw 0.57 CMONEX.

I just can't pinpoint where the problem is. I don't think my phone is "BRICKED" as I don't even know what I would do if it is. I hope not!!

Any help would be appreciated! I'd love to try resolve this as much as I can before I give up as I no longer have eligible upgrade for sprint. Thanks guys!
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