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Re: IN CALL RECORDING, distorted other party

I have had this problem and other numerous problems with ICR on previous ROM installations when I installed ICR after the ROM install.
I am currently running JMZs 1.8 ROM which came with ICR.

I had the issue this time where it would not record the other party until I installed the proper .dll into the windows directory.

I needed the file wavedev.dll to hear the other side clearly, and without using the speakerphone. This file overwrote a newer file of the same name, but it works.

ICR is now working perfectly for me.

According to JMZs update log he used In Call Recorder 1.0.1821.2426

Hopefully you can install this version and wavedev.dll and get it to work.
you can find wavedev.rar here in post 108 -->>
If any of my advice has helped you then just let me know with a THANKS!!!
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