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Question IN CALL RECORDING, distorted other party

Ok, here is my problem. I have erratic behavior using the In Call Recording. Here is a zip file that contains an mp3 of an example of what I'm talking about. Sometimes during a call the other party starts out being recorded sounding very choppy, stuttering, or distorted, and then clears up, and may go back to sounding choppy, etc.. This is just a recording I edited of the voicemail woman If anyone has any ideas I would be greatly eager to try them out. I speculate that there is some process that is running with too low a priority at times? But then again, why does my voice ALWAYS sound clear? I've searched Google, this forum, and others and I've seen some folks using the GSM version claim this issue is resolved by upgrading to some latest rom, whatever version their carrier is. But alas, I'm CDMA, not GSM. So I don't think this is a hardware issue, maybe it is.. but it seems to me like it's something in the system. I've tried many different cooked, custom roms. Even some WM6.5 ones. Same issue. I've even tried a couple of different radios? I know this is a difficult question I'm asking and probably not very many people would even have any idea on how to solve this, but for those of you do, please let me know. I am open to trying almost anything. Thank you!

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