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s2u2 v1.62 (slide 2 unlock 2) buggy (lost calls, battery drain, etc)

Ever since installing v1.62, I've had a lot of problems with my TP (using the original ROM). I recently switched to PocketShield and I don't see the same problems anymore.

List of problems:

Lost calls
Random pinwheels (middle circle when app opens)
Quicker battery drainage
Delayed fullscreen caller ID

You can see others with similar problems here:

Until/unless these problems are corrected or fixed, I'm staying on PocketShield. The unpaid for version has been working fine on my phone and I don't notice these problems that I had before.

A great list of other phone locks: Screen Lock-Unlockers, List and details

It's sad because s2u2 was a really good way to lock the phone and had so many cool features. I just can't deal with the bulkiness.

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